I posted this on Facebook this morning:

How come we are not bombing the shit out of Libya for murdering our Ambassador? How come we are not doing anything about this? Why is our President setting America up as the kid that anyone on the playground can pick on?
Fuck that. America should be FEARED. Americans around the world should cause a wake of fear and caution as they walk around because everyone knows that if you fuck with an American, we will saturate your world with pain and despair. You will show America respect or we will take it from you.
Our President is such a pussy he is putting every American at risk instead of protecting us like the Commander And Chief is supposed to do.

My anger has not subsided.  In fact, it’s only gotten worse.  Because instead of our President actually doing anything about this, he has Apologized To The Murderers and Terrorists!  WHAT THE FUCK, OVER?  WHAT THE FUCK?
One of my young sons learned of this attack, the murder of our Ambassador, the removing of our the US Flag… He observed that “the Libyans have in effect declared War on America.”  My KID sees this… Why can’t our damned President?  Apologizing to Murderers?  When did we start apologizing to evil?

Recoil Magazine: Full Retard Extra Plus

As we’ve been tracking the FUBAR situation with Recoil Magazine, we’ve watched as many of their top shelf Advertisers drop those idiots like a hot potato.  And rightfully so.
The magazine has put out another official statement.  I’ll post links tonight, but let me paraphrase their message for you:
“You Slimy Handed Cake Eaters… How dare you question us!  We have over 26,000 likes on Facebook!  Screw you all and your views of Gun Ownership.  We will not listen to you rednecks in Fly Over States!  Go pound sand!”
Well, that’s what I read into their message… I’ll link up the actual message tonight when I get home.
So basically they are not going to get rid of the idiot Editor, JT, who caused all this mess.
That’s fine.  That’s their choice.  It’s their magazine and they can do or say anything they want.
But we don’t have to listen, read, or buy their magazine or the products of those that are continuing to support Recoil.
Over the weekend since Monday, they have lost a big chunk of advertising, industry support, and popularity.  This new message from the Publisher has only made matters for them worse.

Here is the message:

RECOIL Magazine’s Position:

In light of some of the comments and complaints made about a paragraph in a recent article about the Heckler & Koch MP7A1, Recoil wishes to make the following points clear:

· It is simply not credible for anyone to question Recoil’s support for, and commitment to, the Second Amendment. Recoil is first and foremost a gun lifestyle magazine, aimed at the modern shooting enthusiast.

· The opinions in the paragraph in question accurately reflected those of the manufacturer, and should have been reported as direct quotes. Recoil acknowledges the way the paragraph was written has caused unnecessary confusion.

· Jerry Tsai, a passionate gun enthusiast and the visionary behind Recoil magazine, will remain as editor of Recoil.

We thank you for your support and understanding.

Quite honestly, if you read the article, it was one paragraph that was actually quoted from the manufacturer and we did not state it that way. Recoil has 26,000 likes on face book and the magazine has only been out for three issues and issue number 4 is just hitting the streets. I honestly believe that this will not hurt the magazine. I have not lost anyone as a result of this and do not expect to.

Joe Galloway
Associate Publisher
5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords
Phone 813-675-3493
Fax 813-675-3557
Assistant: Jennifer Conklin 813-675-3507

Some guys have blamed HK for this because they will not sell the MP7 to Civilians.  This is unfair to HK.  I sat in a meeting with the President of HK, and I spoke with him personally about the whole “You Suck and We Hate You” thing.  Yes, HK is very well aware of Master Correia’s thrashing of them, and admitted that it was actually justified.  He stressed the lengths they are going to to try to turn that image around.  As a dealer, I have seen the results of their efforts.  Calling up HK now is like calling up a totally different company.  According to German Law – HK is based in Germany after all – they are not allowed to sell the MP7 to Civilians.  German Law says because such weapons have no sporting purpose they can’t export them to the US… unless it’s to a Law Enforcement Agency.  So it’s not HK saying that you suck and they hate you – It’s the German Government saying you suck and they hate you.  The president of HK would love to sell you and me and our friends, HK MP7’s and SL8 rifles with full magazine capacities.  Of course they would… they are a Commercial Company. They want to make money.

Recoil Magazine however has taken all this too far saying “Thank heavens we can’t get our slimy hands on guns like these.”    We can’t handle firepower of this magnitude!  Never mind we can get AR-15 rifles with 100 round magazines topped with optical gunsights that were science fiction 10 years ago.  FNH PS90 carbine/SMG’s with 50 round mags.  (Just so you know, Belgium isn’t in Germany)  Recoil has persisted in showing us their ass and has given us the middle finger for saying “Hey, that’s not right!”

As a result, we need to persist in the flogging of Recoil Magazine and those that continue to support them in Advertising and on Facebook.  Simple as that.  We can’t have a supposed Gun Magazine that prints Anti-Gun Bullshit.  Yes, what they said was Anti-Gun… it’s exactly what the Anti-Gun Liberals say.  Looking for Sporting Purpose justifications is pretty much saying that you don’t know shit about the Bill of Rights, the US Constitution and of you hang on to the Sporting Purpose BS, then you are NOT “Pro-Gun”.  We don’t need this in a magazine acting like they are.  We don’t need Recoil.  We need Recoil to Go Away if they are not going to Change.  And that Change is the dismissal of “JT”.

Oh, one more thing.   Make sure you UNLIKE Recoil Magazine on Facebook.