I’m a fan of something called TankVests… check them out there at TankVest.com.  Adding your Gear Packing Accessories to your Bike like that, that’s brilliant.  Completely brilliant.  It’s one of those Forehead Slap things.  How come this hasn’t been out there for 20 years?

I want of these for my KTM.  Unfortunately they don’t make then for the 525 MXC… And there is not a lot of call for it since that bike has been discontinued by KTM.    If you have a 525 MXC and are near West Virginia, or could ride over there on your machine… TankVest might be able to make us a set!  Cool eh?

If you have a KLR650 though… Just get one.  They are making something pretty cool and it’s a good company that can use some support.  So check them out!

Cross Dressing

Been Lurking over on  http://advrider.com and looking at the photos in the PIC section.

Addicting stuff.  Very addicting stuff.
One thing I’ve noticed are the Sport Bikes with All Terrain Tires.  Interesting.  Very interesting.
Then there are the SUPERMOTO bikes.  Dirtbikes with Street Tires.
Dirt on Street…
Street on Dirt…
Is this motorcycling’s version of being gay?

I can’t understand this.

Last week I did something I probably shouldn’t have… Okay, I know that’s a list that goes all the way to the floor, but I’m talking about one particular thing.

I pulled a Beretta M9 out of the case and really looked at it again.  I felt it.  Cycled it.  Stripped it down and examined it closely.  Now, the Big Beretta is nothing new to me… I’ve owned two of them but they never really inspired me or made me feel all that interested in them.  I got them just because.

Now, looking at this Beretta… Feels good in the hand.  Big and Curvy and Sexy… It’s been growing on me.

Here’s the odd thing.  I’d want it in 9mm.  I’d pretty much just keep it stock save for Slipstreaming.  Because really they are fine just like that.  Huh.  I don’t know why I’d even want the thing.  I prefer SIG and Glock… Single Actions over Doubles.  But I am digging the M9 right now.  I just don’t know why.