Killer Hoodies

Geraldo is just nuts.  He blames Hoodies, which is a different take on the Travon-Zimmerman incident… but one that is about as stupid as it gets.

Speaking of Hoodies… the idea of the Tactical Hoodie caught the imagination of some of The Horde.  I’ve been thinking about this.  It’s very doable.  I have some very good ideas at different levels of Tactical.

1.  Low profile, looks completely normal on the outside.
2.  Condition Black, looks tactical on the outside, has some reinforcing matterial on the outside that would allow quick attachment of needed accessories.
3.  Fangs Out.  Using technology from motorcycle jacket armor and ballistic nylon to provide max protection in a tussel and look completely badass.

Only question though is who would be willing to buy and how much would you be willing to pay?  A normal good quality Carhart Hoodie is what, 60 bucks?  Would you be willing to go $99.99 for a Custom Made Tactical Hoodie?  I have a friend that is about to launch a Tactical Accessories Business, and he could make these Hoodies if the interest was really there for a Seriously Killer Hoodie.

Vernal Needs Food Badly

I’ve complained many times that Vernal Utah doesn’t have any good places to eat. It doesn’t. It really doesn’t. There are a few places that try, and other places that have just given up and make the same slop they’ve been making for ages and that’s all the people of Vernal know, so they stay in business.
It has it’s brighter spots. Pelican Lake Cafe is one, but it’s not even in Vernal, but down in Ouray by the Pelican Lake. Bar B’Qued is in Vernal, right across the street from the Holiday Inn Express, and it’s improved a lot… It’s not bad. It can’t touch a real BBQ joint, but it’s trying and it’s getting better. We have some of our standard chain fast food, but not the better chains.
We need a good old fashioned dirty-water hot dog joint. We need real old classic burger joint that makes things their own way. We need an Italian place. We need a destination diner… Where they love their food and are proud of it.
This is me BEGGING for a good food establishment to come to Vernal. For the love of all that is holy – come to Vernal.