Serious problems at MagPul

So Travis Haley leaves MagPul… and now Chris Costa is jumping ship?
MagPul is in serious trouble now because when you have to two biggest rock stars in the industry that makes your products look cool and sets them apart from everything else, and then you don’t have those guys anymore.  What do you have?  You have a company that makes makes AR accessories… just like a whole bunch of other companies… CMMG, Mako, Tango Down… too many to list.  So what is going to set them apart now?

And what guys are going to have the balls to stand up and take Costa’s place in MagPul’s training?  I know one guy.  That’s it.  And he’s running his own company.   I know there are going to be a couple huge egos that are going to want to try to step up for this… I have two names written down that I’m not going to say.  Huge egos, decent trainers, sure.  But they are not the rock stars that Travis and Chris are and I seriously doubt they are going to be able to pull off what MagPul has done in the past.

I think MagPul is on its way out like a lot of other good companies.  Because it’s not the product that makes the company – it’s the people.  And MagPul isn’t going to find people like Travis and Chris.  They were the faces of MagPul.

Cain is my man.

Look at everything that’s getting thrown at Herman Cain. The GOP Opponents are one thing, but now people that work for the Obama Administration is now – just now – popping up with accusations? How many years passed by with no allegations being made, and now all the sudden that Cain takes the lead in the race for the GOP Nomination, now this pops up?
This is all bogus fabrications and the people accusing Cain looks like they have zero credibility. Just watching these people make the accusations, you can see in their face that they are making this all up.

If these people are being put up to try to harm Cain’s campaign… then his opponents believe him to be such a threat that they can’t counter him in the normal established ways, such as in a Debate. They fear Cain. Just like they fear Sarah Palin.
A Cain-Palin ticket would make the Left apoplectic. I think Jon Stewart would have a stroke. Bill Maher would shit himself to death. (I remain hopeful of either that or he dies like David Carradine) Quiet seriously, that ticket right there would put political opponents in seething fits. This alone makes it worth while to make that ticket happen.