Polymer cased ammunition.

The Firearms Blog has posted a bit about polymer cased ammunition.  Check it out here.

At the last SHOT SHOW’s Media Range Day, I observed some of this.

Plastic Fifty

I don’t remember the name of the company, but I believe they were either Utah or Idaho based.  Cost savings is a big benefit, but the biggest boon is the weight savings.  30% reduction in the weight of a loaded cartridge.  Now imagine the benefit of that when you are a soldier or sheepdog using Surefire’s quad stacked 60 or 100 round cases.  Think that might be helpful? You bet it is.  At the Media Range Day, I was also told that the cases are easily reloadable.


Gunfighter Cast

This most recent post of Gunfighter Cast talks about MAG-40, Slipstream, and the crushing defeat I handed to Shaw of Japan.

Okay, I have to give some clarification here.  The Gun Dudes and Shaw of Japan were mostly way over on the far left side of the Range, with Gundoc… Positions 1-15 over there.  I was in position 32 or something… the very last shooting position. This wasn’t planned.  What happened was that we were told we would not be shooting on Day One.  So I didn’t go get my ammo before getting in there that first morning.  I planned on buying the ammo and shooting on Day Two.  Well, it turns out you do shoot on Day One.  I was offered guns and holsters and ammo… an the generosity was humbling. But I feel bad for shooting another man’s ammo, especially when ammo is so expensive these days.  So I humbly stood back.  I also had a raging migraine, and part of me just didn’t feel like blasting.  Okay, so the next day I had my ammo, my gun, my holster, my magazines… and my headache was very diminished thanks to Gator-Bull with breakfast.  Now when we lined back up, everyone was told to take your same positions as the day before.  Ah… I didn’t have one, so that meant I was in the back of the bus… out there at the far right where I was stuck with Stan of the Gun Dudes.  What it was, was Shaw of Japan was relieved that he didn’t have to stand side by side with the Ogre.  Yeah, I shot a higher score, but I have to hand it to Daniel, the man can seriously shoot.  His groups were much better than mine and I thought he was stomping me.  See, I was shooting during the first rotation, and Shaw of Japan was in the Second.  Since I was at the very end, I had no shooter I had to back up, so I got to go keep tabs on our young Marine.  I honestly thought he was kicking my trash… so I walked away, getting ready to eat crow pie.  I was surprised that I had won.  Shaw dropped his shots firing from the required Weaver position, which he hates. If he didn’t have to fire from Weaver – Shaw would have won.  But he did… so I did.  But now the challenge is on.  Next time he’s out this way, we’ll go for again… with M-4’s.  His weapon of Choice.

Back to the pod cast.  This is a good one to listen to.  When you get these guys together, that’s some dang good Pod Casting.  If you are not listening to these Pod Casts – you really are missing out.  I know there are a ton of them out there… but Gunfighter and Gun Dudes are the ones to listen to first.


Men spend money primarily on two things.  If you want to sell your product you have to tap into those two things:

Sex and Violence.

If something looks sexy and dangerous… it’s going to sell.  If it’s not selling, it’s not sexy or dangerous enough.