Almost a whole hour?

Some customers at Basin Sports… You just want to say “Get Out.”  Guy wanted some new arrows cut to length of his old arrows.  Okay, fine.  No problem.

But then the guy starts running is mouth… “Yeah this is my last arrow.”  Alright, not really caring about what you do with your splinters, but fine.  “I shot this big old Buck this morning… nailed it.  High shoulder hit. Blood was pumping out like a fire hose.  Those Grim Reaper heads really cut them open, you know.  But the critter ran off.  The blood trail ran out about a hundred yards.  Searched for that sucker for almost a whole hour.  Gunna go back out and get another one.  Gotta fill the tag you know.”

I chewed on my tongue as I cut the arrows.  I had a lot I wanted to say… but instead I just did my job and kept my mouth shut.


Bike chain failure.

I knew I was well overdue to get a new bike chain.  I was planning on doing it in October, towards the end of the riding season.  Fate however, had other plans.  Coming back from a lunch at Cafe Rio, the chain broke.

I’ve had a chain break before on me.  When it did, the chain locked up the rear tire and I was suddenly dumped to the ground.  I was going pretty fast and the results were unpleasant but not serious as I was wearing good protective gear.  I was shaken, but not stirred.   This time, it was strange… engine RPM just ramped up and spun free with no increase in speed… the chain just unspooled off the sprockets.

The bike will go into the shop tomorrow.  New chain, sprockets, tires. (7000 miles of hard riding is evidently the life span of these tires I had.) While it’s in the shop I’ll have them put in some iridium plugs, K&N filter and rejet it.

I think my riding for the year is done.  I’ll hit it again in the spring.