Horrible Horror

I love horror movies…   But lately I’ve found no good scary movies at all.

“Devil”?  No.  Come on, the Devil is really in an elevator?  Stupid story to begin with, but at least that one had… Okay, I don’t know what that one had…  Paranormal Activity… started out good… had potential.. then the ending totally ruined the whole movie.  Paranormal Activity 2 was even worse… the super slow build up that lead to nothing but bitter disappointment.

I just watched “The Last Exorcism”.  This flick was semi interesting… A fake preacher doing a fake exorcism that turns out to be real… at best, it got “interesting”… had some potential… and then the ending was the worst of the retarded cliche endings that made Paranormal Activity look brilliant.

Ewe Boll could have made better horror movies than these.  These are “Pants On The Head” retarded.  I want my Dollar Fifty back from the Red Box.

Where are the good new Horror movies?  If this is what American Horror Film Makers are doing – they need to go back to Remaking Japanese Horror movies.  Or just quit… and go away.  Second thought, yes… do that.  Go away…

A 3 rifle battery for sale or trade for a bike

I need a motorcycle.  This isn’t a “want” anymore… I need one.  Bad.  I gotta have a bike.

I’m putting up 3 of my favorite, best shooting rifles, for sale or trade so I can get a bike.

1.   A Remington 700 Stainless CDL .223 with a Nikon Monarch scope on it.  Yes, this the new new one I just got.

2.  The Savage model 12 with a Leupold VariX III in .22-250.  Harris bi-pod.  Serious accuracy and was my best Coyote Murder Weapon when I was hunting them.  Use Hornady 55 grain V-Max loads and nothing is getting away from it.

3.  This one shows how serious I am… Savage 10FCP topped with a Vortex Viper 6.5-20×50 Mil Dot scope and a Harris bi-pod.

2500 bucks for all three or for a decent cruiser style motorcycle 750cc’s or bigger.   If you have a nicer motorcycle… I’ll throw in a couple more guns.  Another reason, I have got to have a second vehicle.  My truck is the only vehicle we have.  The wife can drive it when she’s staying out in the country… but when I need to come into town, I need something more economical anyways…  and I bike is impossible to beat for that.  I gotta have one.

Crusader LEO Sterling 9mm UPDATE

Crusader’s “Limited Edition Offering” Sterlings… Joe has all the parts and everything we need to do these builds.  I’ll be going out to SLC this coming Wed so we can get these things rolling and done.     I am so jazzed I can’t even sit still… This is like Christmas Eve coming… Building these guns is going to be a blast… but more so than that… One of them is mine!

I’ve had enough queries to insure that it is very likely that at some point in the future, we will make another run of Sterlings again.  But not any time soon.  Sorry.  If you didn’t get one, and you really want one.  I’m sure one of the guys that are getting one, might be willing to part with it, if the money is right.   But already these have become an instant collectible gun.. so the offer will have to be – generous.    Good luck with that.

March 26th, Crusader Defensive Pistol

March 26th, 9AM, at the Buckskin Hills Range.   Crusader Defensive Pistol Course.

As usual, the price is 200 dollars per person.  If you bring a friend or a spouse, you get 25 bucks off the cost of your course.   You bring two people, that’s 50 bucks off.   Payment in advance of the course.

350 rounds of ammunition, food, water, and clothing appropriate for the weather.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.