Crusader LEO Sterling 9mm UPDATE

Crusader’s “Limited Edition Offering” Sterlings… Joe has all the parts and everything we need to do these builds.  I’ll be going out to SLC this coming Wed so we can get these things rolling and done.     I am so jazzed I can’t even sit still… This is like Christmas Eve coming… Building these guns is going to be a blast… but more so than that… One of them is mine!

I’ve had enough queries to insure that it is very likely that at some point in the future, we will make another run of Sterlings again.  But not any time soon.  Sorry.  If you didn’t get one, and you really want one.  I’m sure one of the guys that are getting one, might be willing to part with it, if the money is right.   But already these have become an instant collectible gun.. so the offer will have to be – generous.    Good luck with that.

9 thoughts on “Crusader LEO Sterling 9mm UPDATE”

  1. Ok Ogre, for your next LEO project, how about an “enhanced” SVD rifle. Give this old Soviet battle rifle a good trigger, a slightly shorter barrel and set it up to mount modern optics instead of that old grey scope. Do that, and we might really have a better use for 7.62x39R ammo than slowly shooting them from our five and a half foot long 91/30’s and making huge fire balls from our M44’s.

    What do you think?

    1. I’d use the PSL as a platform due to the more common magazines and the availability of the magazines… Re-barrel them with a more accurate, heavier barrel and get rid of the front sight…. there are a lot of tuning options there.
      Great idea.

  2. Hey, whatever has available parts and will provide an acceptable platform. I just thought the long receiver SVD was the “true” Soviet battle rifle and that everything else was just a modified WASR-10. Shows what I know. Anyway, the American shooting public needs a cheaper shooting alternative to the M1A, FN FAL and AR-10.

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