Crusader Special Projects

Cold Steel has a catalog called “Special Projects”, so we can’t use that name.  Never mind that most of those Special Projects products have been there for years and what’s so special about them is questionable… I need a name for Crusader’s Limited Production Side Projects… LPSP… no, that doesn’t work.   Anyways, the Sterling 9mm Carbine project nailed the goal exactly as I had hoped.  I wanted to do a special side project, and sell 8 to 12 Sterlings.  Well, we have 12 sold, including mine.  We are waiting on checks to come in and we’re getting parts ordered and the project is now officially rolling.  Thank you to everyone who is getting in on this.

Much talk came about on about future Exclusive Offers.  Some of the ideas floating out there… An Uzi, M3 Grease Gun, more Sterlings, a Tactical Lever Action, and of course a 1911.  Before you guys all clamor over the M3… I looked around for parts sources for that, and I’m not happy with what I’m seeing.  Or not seeing for that matter.   So an M3 is going to be difficult.  Same thing with the Beretta Model 12 SMG.  I can’t find any of the parts kits that you used to be able to find everywhere.   So what other ideas do you have for a future Crusader Exclusive Offer?  (Hey… CEO… I like that…)