Interesting observation

On the way to Church this morning, I saw something interesting.  A hawk swooped down on a dove that was sitting on a powerline.  The hawk drove the dove to the ground, tearing it’s chest open.  The hawk wasn’t much bigger than the dove… it was a small hawk.  Not sure of the species.  The hawk tried, but was unable to carry the dead dove off.  So it feasted on it’s kill where it laid.   One of my younger boys who saw this as well, declared that this was “COOL!”

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Firearms Finishes

About Gun Finishes:  (This is an old article that I’ve updated)

Picking out a new gun is a complicated chore.  You have caliber, style, size, features, etc.   I’ve talked about these subjects before.  However, I’ve never really talked about an important aspect of the selection process… The finish.  It’s actually an important factor in the gun’s functionality.  There are a number of finish options to choose from.  Each one has it’s advantages and disadvantages beyond appearance.  Stainless, Blued, Nickel, Parkerized, Chrome, Coated… There are more options coming out every time you turn around.  Really the question lays with you and how, when and where you are going to be using the firearm.  Also, your hygiene.  How and how often clean the weapon… Not personal.  If you are a slob and really don’t want care about the gun all that much, then blued is not the finish for you and you might want a Stainless or Coated gun.   Lets not make any choices just yet.  Instead, let’s look at each finish and see what they have to offer.

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Why so serious?

One of the reasons I’ve left a number of firearms forums and pretty much started my own… because too many people take Forums too seriously and get too wound up over differences of opinion.

Arguing on the Internet serves no purpose.  State your opinion, back it up with whatever you like… and if someone disagrees… that doesn’t make you less of a Man.  But when you persist and argue and let yourself get wound up over it… That does.

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For the last few years, the itch to get another motorcycle has been uncontrollable.  Well, Saturday that itch came to a head and I actually went out looking for a bike.

I found one.  The question is do I pull the trigger on it or do I let it go.  It’s an older bike, in great condition… the style I like, the size I want… Even if it is a V-Twin.  It’s getting about 50 miles to the gallon, which is much better than my truck which I think gets about 3… or at least it feels like it.

If I want to “Run out to Salt Lake”, that trip costs me about 140 bucks.  On this bike, it would cost about as much as a good Sandwich.   Which means getting out there to take care of business actually makes some business sense.  And with Crusader’s growth, I’m going have to get out there more often.  Not for Training Days, because I’d still have to bring the truck, but for other things… like helping Joe get orders processed, Slipstream made, all that.  And, hey… Get some 5 Guys Burgers because I just freaking feel like it.  Can’t do that in my truck.

If something happens like I want it to happen tomorrow or the next day – I’ll get it.