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Drone Hunting

On AAR the topic of Drones came up.  The use of drones for harassment, spying, and creeper pics. 
I said my solution would be to shoot them down.  If I’m on private property and a drone flies over, I believe this constitutes trespassing and spying.  I believe I have the right to swat down the drone. 
Now I’m not talking about high altitude Predators or Reapers…  and neither were we on Air.  We’re talking about the small QuadRotor types. 
My first response on air was “Federal Black Cloud 3 1/2″”.  A good shotgun shell for knocking a goose down.  I thing it would knock a drone down too.
Trespass, invasion of privacy,  spying, harassment,  these are not things that have to be tolerated on your private property.
I see the use of them for honest reasons in law enforcement.  But it needs to be done in accordance with the law.  Warrants need to be had before they can come into a property and search… same rules should be in place for the use of drones.  Also LE Drones should be marked clearly.
I can see the warrantless use over private property in some cases…  fleeing criminal suspect… an active search and rescue of a missing person or amber alert.  Or other extraordinary circumstances where the use is reasonably prudent to save a life.  IE, you hear screaming or other sounds that lead you to believe a human life is in jeopardy.
Note:  Corporate Espionage is a big business.  Spying is a real and a growing problem. 
Let’s say I sign an NDA with a gun company so I can test out a prototype weapon.  I’m at a secure location, and have an expectation of privacy.  A drone flies over and snaps pics of me and this weapon.  Next thing you know the prototype is now on TV and I’m liable for breaking the NDA.   
How many spy photos have you seen in car magazines? 
The use of drones are going to cause problems that are going to have to be addressed in court.