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Enjoy Your Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, I am not feeling very happy about it.  In fact, I’m a little pissed off.
Members of the US Military are held to a very high standard… Higher than American Society, and higher than the US President.  If you want to join the US Military you can not be a Drug User.  In fact, if you admit to have ever used drugs – you are not allowed in.  That’s just the standard that is set for them.  And it’s a good standard.  The US Military should be held to the highest standards, because they are the best Military Force ever fielded on the planet.  Expectations of them should be high.  That’s what sets them apart.
Yet if you are a Pot Smoker, and you brag about it, and made it a part of you very character… You can become the President of the United States!    The Commander and Chief isnt held to the same standard as a buck private.  Yet this dope fiend is going to order the buck private to go to some godforsaken shithole for reasons I still can not fathom to help people who hate everything we stand for… so this private can risk getting his privates blown off.   The fact that the POTUS smoked a ton of weed – actually explains a lot.
And then we have Major Media Reporters say that those soldiers who fall  – he in uncomfortable calling them heroes.    Other sources in the Media – as well as our own Government view Veterans as potential Terrorists.

On one hand, American Society expects our Soldiers to be bastions of Honor and Integrity… while they are over there.  American Society expects them to be Educated, Compassionate and to accomplish jobs that are historically impossible… that is the expectation.  To be Super-Human in Character and Accomplishments.  Yet when they come home – they are not to be called Heroes and they are looked upon with Suspicion.
I know one particular Serviceman who is a Prime Example of this.  He is very smart, he is a published Author and has helped other authors with their very popular books.  He is Educated, He is Trained and Experienced.  He’s a great guy, loyal and dedicated and would be a Great Asset to any company that would hire him.  This is the type of guy that you would think any company would be searching for.  American Society should be trying to recruit guys like this – because these are the guys that get things done.  Unfortunately he’s got a Military Background.   That means he’s to be avoided by American Society.  He’s unwanted.  Don’t think for a second that this isn’t true.  This was my own experience, and the experience of my own brother as well.
I watched one of the Managers for CONVERGYS discard the Resume for a former US Marine.  This Marine had all the certs that were required and more so, and years of experience, more than were required.  But the Resume was discarded because the Manager Chick “Didn’t want to hire a Psycho.”  That’s the Mentality of American Society today.  They as a whole do not understand what it is to have served.  The sacrificed that are made.  The struggle to meet the expectations and standards of Military Service…. and they don’t understand the insulting lack of respect that is shoveled on them when they get out.  No one is asking for anything, just for some Dignity.   But that seems to be too much to ask for.

And I am supposed to Celebrate Memorial Day?   I Mourn it.  The meaning is completely lost on the ignorant masses of American Society who only look at this day as a day off of work and to enjoy a Sale at their favorite Retail Outlets.  I mourn this day.  Because children are growing up not knowing what this day is about and are taught to shun those that this day is for.  Some understand… some people get it.  And they honor the day.  But as a whole, American Society has forgotten… and worse yet, they don’t care.

If anyone out there has a Job for a good and honorable man – one of the best I know – Let me know.  He’s been looking for work for months and has only had one interview.   This is the guy you want on your team.  Contact me if you have a job that needs to be filled.


Memorial Day

Remember… All our Soldiers died in great pain so you can have your 20% off shit you don’t really need.  Enjoy it.

I’ve been thinking a lot on the Servicemen that I knew who have died… and Servicemen from Utah who have been recently killed.  And I’ve been thinking about my Grandfather, who served and survived WWII… one can imagine the stories that he had that he never told anyone… and I remember some that he did tell me.  Much somber thoughts today.

I hear people say “Happy Memorial Day!”   WTF is that?  I am not going to say that to anyone… I just say “Remember what the Day is about.” This is the day we honor and remember the best of us that sacrificed themselves on the alter of freedom.   This reminds me of the movie Saving Private Ryan, when Tom Hank’s character is mortally wounded, and his words to Private Ryan, “Earn this.” Our freedom is a gift that often times we don’t deserve… so strive to be worthy of it.