Memorial Day

Remember… All our Soldiers died in great pain so you can have your 20% off shit you don’t really need.  Enjoy it.

I’ve been thinking a lot on the Servicemen that I knew who have died… and Servicemen from Utah who have been recently killed.  And I’ve been thinking about my Grandfather, who served and survived WWII… one can imagine the stories that he had that he never told anyone… and I remember some that he did tell me.  Much somber thoughts today.

I hear people say “Happy Memorial Day!”   WTF is that?  I am not going to say that to anyone… I just say “Remember what the Day is about.” This is the day we honor and remember the best of us that sacrificed themselves on the alter of freedom.   This reminds me of the movie Saving Private Ryan, when Tom Hank’s character is mortally wounded, and his words to Private Ryan, “Earn this.” Our freedom is a gift that often times we don’t deserve… so strive to be worthy of it.


6 thoughts on “Memorial Day”

  1. I only say “Happy Memorial Day” when talking to my father.
    I do my best to be happy when thinking about him, Agent Orange finally got him over 30 years after he got back.
    I am lucky not know personally know many people who lost their lives in service to our great nation.
    This doesnt mean I take any of it for granted.
    I dont run out to all the festivities that normally take place on this day.
    It is one of the days every year that I am just happy to make it thru.
    I was my fathers go to guy, when he needed or wanted to talk.
    I dont think I would have made it thru what he did in near the mental or physical shape he did.
    Those that elect to go into harms way are owed a debt from those of us who have not.


  2. Exactly. Remember how truly blessed you are to have the freedom we enjoy – and try to live up to the ideals of those who died to give them to us.

  3. Every day is a reminder because of my disabilities as it is for my wife who has to go through my days of immobilizing pain or on tbe flipside me being so stoned on pain meds that I can’t even get out of my recliner. She had to quit her job to take care of me and I know it’s an extreme burden on her mentally as well because she knows that I’ll never get better. I ALWAYS ask for a military discount as VA disability & Social Security doesn’t do the best job of supporting a family of 4.

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