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A scene from Uprising UK

In this scene “Uncle Musket” is sitting on top of an LAV outside of the Castle Inverness.

Uncle Musket stayed with the vehicles, sitting on top of one with his musket in one hand and a suppressed 1911 in the other because of my insistence. Until he could fit a gun muffler to the old muzzle loader, it was an operational necessity. Begrudgingly, he accepted that. He flicked the safety on and off. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. “Huh?” Musket stopped and listened, tilting his head. There was something out there in the fog. He could hear shuffling off in the distance, but he couldn’t tell where it came from. He stared into the swirling mist, looking through the light and dark and not seeing anything. But he could feel it. He left the pistol off safe.

Things get out of hand quickly.