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Wisconsin Democrats, real Cheddar Heads

It is with both a great deal of amusement and with some disappointment that I read the news about the games Senate Democrats in the great state of Wisconsin are playing.
Before you can take your ball and run home with it… it needs to be your ball, Senators. You people have sworn oaths of office, and I know that means so very little to Democrats, but you still took the oath. The topic of controversy is spending, and here you are running off into another state, which is costing the Wisconsin Taxpayer even more money for your silliness and you are holding up the functions of the Wisconsin State Government.
This is not what you were voted for. You folks are behaving foolishly. Yet at the same time, not unexpectedly. The Democrat Party has been reprehensible for some time and your behavior as a national party has only been getting worse. You people are disgusting. Either get back to work, or quit and let those willing to do the job step up.