Natty Narwhale

This morning the Ubuntu updater popped up and said that Ubuntu 11.4 was available as an update.   So I told the system to proceed with the update.  There are some some changes.

For one, the graphics drivers are improved, which makes everything look sharper.  The side bar is hidden and if you hover the cursor over there by the side, it slides out.  Then it goes away… this allows a full screen on the web pages, which means less side scrolling on some sites because of a netbook’s small screen.  This is a plus.  11.4 comes with Firefox 4, which is no big deal as I had upgraded my 10.10 install to FF4 already.  OpenOffice is gone, and it’s replaced with LibreOffice.  Which looks about the same on the surface, but I don’t think it’s as refined as OpenOffice.  At least not in my tinkering around with it.  Overall, I think I’m liking it.

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  1. I HATE they got rid of Gnome for the new unity interface! Also OpenOffice was working fine, why the change….

  2. From Wikipedia:

    On 28 September 2010, several members of the project formed a new group called “The Document Foundation” and made available a rebranded fork of, which they dubbed LibreOffice. The fork was created over fears that Oracle Corporation, after having recently purchased the suite’s creator and main developer, Sun Microsystems, would either discontinue as it had done with OpenSolaris, or more likely take a generally authoritarian and less “open” approach in its development.

    It was originally hoped that the LibreOffice name would be provisional, as Oracle was invited to become a member of The Document Foundation, and was asked to donate the brand to the project.[7] Oracle rejected the project and demanded that all members of the Community Council involved with The Document Foundation step down from the Council, citing a conflict of interest.[8]

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