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I was asked about the Black Aces Tactical Semi-Auto Shotgun, because TFB did a Video on it. No, I don’t know anything about this shotgun, and like James, I don’t trust it. Because Turkey can be slim shady and not very cash money on the products they export. I’ve seen things. Things I can’t unsee. There is one Turkish budget builder that I don’t instantly puke over, and that’s Stoeger. Mainly because of the ownership and the design which is a trickle-down Benelli. His budget of 500 bucks, that’s just an artificial self-imposed challenge and I’d rather save money for another month or two and splash out for the Stoeger M3000 Freedom Series. It’s 200 bucks more than Jame’s pick, but comes with better sights and an optics mount, and an action that is seriously Tried and True. I used to sell these Great Value Benellis left and right and they were SOLID and RELIABLE. So don’t take a chance on unknown factors. I sold them to guys that shot CASES of shells through them every single weekend. I don’t remember any of them having issues save for one guy that “cleaned it” but didn’t put it back together right. I fixed it within about a minute and it was good to go again. Maybe the Black Aces thing is fine. Maybe it’s not. Here’s the thing though. This is a DEFENSIVE SHOTGUN. That means it CAN NOT be allowed to fail. I’m not rolling dice on that. You don’t need a side saddle… The fanny pack thing is JUST FINE. In fact, I actually dig that as you can carry a LOT of shells instead of wasting time futzing around with elastic loops and velcro. Yeah, having shells on the gun is fine, but having a whole bag of shells on tap is even finer. And putting shells on the stock – that’s stupid. Try firing a shotgun from the weak shoulder with a face full of 12 gauge shells waiting to break your face. You still gotta be able to switch shoulders. I would think that James, having taken a class or two now and running The Gauge now… would have picked up on that. Oh well. He’s still learning.Anyway, don’t worry about the accessories which are not absolutely necessary… get the better gun and take accessories off another gun if you think you have to have them. Also, his choice of light is a good one.

The Stoeger is also just flat out better looking… Which isn’t important, but a nice bonus when you can get it. The larger bolt handle, better feed gate, and higher capacity out of the box. Winner on every metric. This is the Poor Boy’s Benelli for a good reason.

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  1. I watched the TFB video and it peeked my interest on getting a semi auto. Thanks for the tip on Stoeger , now I need to find it locally.

  2. It’s too bad you can’t find a used Browning Auto-5 at Cabelas anymore.

    They all disappeared during the last gun buying spree.

    1. But sometimes you can find a Browning Gold Hunter… Which is what the FN SLP is under the Black Finish.

  3. I understand the appeal of a semiauto vs a pump, but if all you have is $500, why not get a Mossberg 500 Security model? Retails for less than the Black Aces (especially if you get a Maverick 88 instead), known quality, and you can get the accessories James listed (or better ones) and still have enough $$$ left over for some practice ammo.

    1. Great point, Raptor. Which is of course the obvious solution to a tight budget. Get a Pumper. Which is my #1 Choice, Period. Between Mossy 500’s and Remington 870’s you just can not go wrong.

  4. I agree that looks aren’t important but…….that thing is ugly and why have an ugly gun if you don’t have to.
    PS-I have been a reader of Mad Ogre for many years and even though the blog is for you, I appreciate your opinions and reviews.

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