Harley Davidson Pan America

So Harley Davidson finally put out the Pan America, their first true ADV bike. And I was sent out to California’s Mojave Desert, to a location called “ZAKAR”, Rawhyde Adventure’s training compound.
There, I was introduced to the awesomeness that was Rawhyde Adventures, and to the Pan America.

I had very expectations for this bike and I had joked that if it didn’t live up to them, I’d have to go work for Yamaha. But I’m pleased to report that all expectations were either met or exceeded.

The Pan Am, AKA “Dirt Glide” is a radical departure for The Motor Company. They decided some time ago to delve into the realm of Adventure Touring to take some slices off the pie owned by the BMW GS series, Triumph’s Tiger, Ducati’s Multistrada, and some other worthy models out there. ADV bikes have become the fastest growing segment of motorcycling, with brands putting out more different models all the time. This is for a good reason. ADV Bikes are the ultimate type of motorcycling, fullfilling the promise of motorcycles… Freedom. An ADV bike has no limits. They can go anywhere, and do anything… and generally speaking, they do it very well. They are a Multirole Fighter like an F-18 Super Hornet on two wheels.

Harley’s new ADV bike is truly a home run. The bike weighs about the same as a Sportster 48, yet packs 150 Horses and 125nm of Torgue. And you’ll never have to deal with Valve Adjustments ever again. This is the best engine HDMC has ever produced. It’s so good, a lot of folks out there are just shocked. It’s not the Potato Potato Potato V-twin HD Naysayers like to hack on. This engine is a Rev-Happy Beast. But like a Triumph Tiger 1200, it’s smooth and well-mannered. Exactly what you want for a competent ADV machine.

Some Video: Sorry the embedding isn’t working:



3 thoughts on “Harley Davidson Pan America”

  1. Sweet. They are going to sell a lot of these in Arizona.

    The video from your cam is top notch so kudos on the production quality. I also like your ability to narrate as you ride and discuss technical specs almost nonchalantly as the miles go by. Very professional.

    Thanks for the review.

  2. Thanks for the review Ogre on a new Harley Davidson model I didn’t even know existed! Its good to see The Motor Company finally getting back to where it was 12 YEARS AGO when it completely bungled and then dumped the Ulysses, along with the entire rest of the Buell brand. This was HD’s oh so obvious segueway into the younger market segment, if only they had let Erik take the gloves off, and they’ve been spinning their wheels to play innovation/marketing catchup ever since. Do I sound just a little bitter? Though I grew up a gen-Xer on Japanese bikes and traditional Hogs never really appealed to me, I ABSOLUTELY planned on putting my money down on an 1200 Lightning Long when the time was right. Then came the Debacle, and I’ve had a love/hate thing for America’s only major brand ever since. Case in point, from a couple years back. “Livewire? A new electric Harley? Kool!!! Now that’s thinking outside the box! What’s that you say? $30K?? Is that a fricking typo? I just choked on my Heineken.”
    So here’s hoping HD’s product planners will put a little more realism and its sales staff a lot more effort this go-round into marketing this excellent-you-say new Pan America platform to a younger generation, seeing as how they’ve got no other choice now the Baby Boomers are dying off in droves. The ass they save might be their own.

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