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I’d write or even video a proper review of it, but to do that I’d have to shoot it. And ammo is a hundred freaking bucks a box right now. So… I’ll wait until I get some that’s reasonable. I only have 50 rounds for it at the moment. *sigh*

The is a Peacemaker chambered in .45 Colt, from the movie 3:10 to Yuma. It’s made by Cimarron. And it’s the smoothest SAA Clone I’ve ever seen right out of the box. Bonus: Due to the Cimarron’s use a clever rebounding firing pin… it’s safe to carry with all six, like the Ruger Vaquero and Beretta Stampede.

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  1. Much fancier than the Uberti I acquired with my most recent stimmie check – – same barrel length (4.75″), but mine has a matte blued barrel and frame with a matte brass trigger guard and grip frame. I’m in the same boat as you regarding ammo – – I too have only a single box of .45 Colt available right now.

  2. Look at Remington barely under $90/50, but is JHP. Limit 3 boxes. They have been the quickest I have seen to drop prices down.

    1. That’s true… and wouldn’t be the first time. Considering all things… I might just get a little Lee Loader for it.

      1. Don’t waste you money on cheap Lee gear.

        Get a single stage press and good dies. The Lyman single stage has a built in priming tool, less crap to buy.

        You will also want a good electronic scale.

  3. Hey, George – just curious, ever pack a hogleg as a CCW, in small-town living and such?
    Got a friend in Texas, who does this, but packs a Glock 20 in “the big city”, Austin IIRC.

    1. I have before, yes. Out in Vernal Utah I packed a Ruger Vaquero .357. But it wasn’t really a deep concealed. Just a belt holster under a light jacket. Worked fine and I never felt under gunned.

  4. Late to the party as usual.

    Several years ago the revolver bug hit, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go .44 Special or .45 Colt (not really interested in .44 Mag). A short time later I ran across over a hundred pieces of .45 Colt brass at the range and that settled the question. Prior to that I’d probably only seen two or three pieces of either in several years. I went with the convertible Ruger, and now have around 500 shells (or more, I really haven’t counted).

  5. I have bought a LOT from SGammo and their service has always been first rate. Still the prices are sky high compaired to last year but coming down slowly. 9mm and 5.56 are seemingly on top but $50 plus $12 shipping for a box of .380? OMG

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