3 thoughts on “2018 Harley Davidson Road King”

  1. Nice looking bike! I am really loving the 2018 Ultra Classic that I bought back in November. Same engine as that Road King.

  2. Saw this a couple of months back but I’m not a H-D fan so I let it go at that. Nice machines – just not my thing.

    Which brings me to today: George, how are you and yours holding up during the current craziness? Hope you are all well .

    Things aren’t too bad yet here in Arizona. A lot of stuff shut down but I think its likely to be fairly short term. I think the hot weather is going to subdue the virus much like it does the seasonal flu every year – and hot weather is coming. We are looking at possibly 90 degrees by the end of next week.

    Anyway, thinking of all my old friends and acquaintances of late and hoping they are faring well. Later, c.

    1. We’re doing okay. Kinda keeping to our own right now. But we’ll get through this.
      All of us will get through this.

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