2019 Buick Regal GS

Being in the auto industry, I get to examine a lot of different vehicles. And when I say a lot, I do mean all of them. And being the opinionated Ogre that I am… I have my biases. This is a personal fault of mine, and I embrace it. However, I am often delighted when I find that a company has really stepped up their game and I have to admit that I am now wrong.

Buick’s 2018-2019 Regal series is generally rather boring, being somewhere in the GM line up as an elevated Chevy, or discount Caddy. But the Regal GS package is a little different. Someone at Buick spiked the dish with a little hot sauce. Because you can have it with a V-6, and All Wheel Drive, and seats that don’t feel like they belong in a retirement home community room. This is something for the Lads… and to be honest, this is something that I am increasingly interested in, Comfortable Sedans that just happen to not be boring.

This is a Car well worth looking at. Well worth taking a test drive in. I think it’s one of the best sedan options out there, and if you are looking for an American sedan… One of the very best in an ever shrinking list. It feels more of a premium vehicle than say, a V-6 Charger… And not as pretentious as a Caddy. I really like it. One of the things I also like about it… the engine is Naturally Aspirated. I appreciate a twin turbo’s power boost, but I like the feel of an NA engine.

This car will compare well against an Audi A6, BMW 326, Genesis G70, as well as certain sedans from Lexus and Acura. So if you are looking at this segment… I think the Regal GS is well worth the consideration.

3 thoughts on “2019 Buick Regal GS”

  1. I’ve seen a few around as I live near a Buick dealer and they come and go for service and test drives and the like. Nice looking cars in an understated sort of way. The Buick GS has always been the red headed step child of the line since back in the day when they raced them on stock car tracks in the infancy of NASCAR. Glad to hear they have remained true to the original recipe.

    Buick really seems to be the class of the GM product line – up in terms of vision and product quality. Apparently the customer base is still loyal as most of the drivers I see aren’t young people. Last newer Regal GS I saw had an old guy behind the wheel but he was driving it like he stole it so maybe he did ( steal it ) or wasn’t beyond having some fun behind the wheel.

    There’s a lot to be said for a piece of machinery that puts a grin on your face every time you use it. Or misuse it. ( grin )

    1. I’ve come to appreciate there Buick is at. I like their looks and the way they drive. I’m not always doing heel-toe driving, and I do like comfort.

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