Springfield Armory’s new 10mm XDM pistols

Springfield Armory has released the XDM in 10mm now.  It’s available in two flavors, 4.5″ and 5.25″.  The service sized pistol has a fixed rear sight and a fiber optic front.  While the 5.25″ pistol has a fiber optic front sight and an adjustable rear sight.  It also has a big long open port in the stop of the slide, that I’m not a fan of.
First off, Fiber Optic front sight posts annoy me.  I hate them.  It’s a cheap sight and I can’t stand them on any gun I own.   I’d much rather have seen them use pretty much any other sights.  But no matter… I’d put Trijicon HD’s on these things regardless.  I’d also liked to have seen a threaded barrel.  Or at least throw one in the box with the pistol as an extra option.   I know Springfield is just testing the waters, but I’d have liked to have seen them take the test seriously.
What they did take seriously though is the 10K Run they put the gun through… a claimed 10,000 rounds without a failure.  If true, that’s impressive as hell.
I hope that this is a signal that 10mm is becoming more mainstream.
Right now your 10mm options are as follows:
1.  Glocks.
2.  1911’s.
3.  EAA Witness
4.  SIG 220’s.
The EAA guns are finicky, the 1911’s can be expensive and or finicky, and the SIG’s are expensive and can be hideous looking in that camo for the Hunter version.  Is that Kryptek?  That’s the Nickleback of Camo.  Don’t buy that one.
So really if you want to spend less than a Thousand Dollars, really the only viable option for a reliable 10mm is the Glocks… and now the XDM’s.   It’s good to have options.

3 thoughts on “Springfield Armory’s new 10mm XDM pistols”

  1. I really want to like the XD series of pistols, but all of them just seem… meh to me. But a new affordable double stack 10mm, I might have to buy one.

    I wanted a Sig, was really excited until I realized it was a single stack with a local price north of $1200.

    1. I got a notification from my favorite semi-local gun pusher. These will be in next week with a real AK price of $700 for the 5.25, and $585 for the 4.5. Not bad. It kinda sucks that I already ear marked the gun budget for a mini nine.

  2. My nephew has a Colt delta elite, and for half the price I got a Glock 40. Both run well, but the Glock has a little more kick since it is lighter even with the 15 round double stack magazine. I have a first gen XD subcompact in .40, and it has over 5000 rounds with only one fail to eject. What I like about the XD is the loaded chamber flag raises slightly above the slide so you can feel it in total darkness, and you have a little nub that you can feel if the striker is cocked. Nice little features. The factory sights on all three suck. It seems to be a factory pistol you must come with crappy sights.

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