Mora Companion

There’s not a lot to say about the Morakniv family.   This one is the Companion.  It’s an exceptionally simple knife with a well-shaped handle with a nice surface that lends to a good grip and feel in the hand.  The blade looks like something found on a Steakhouse table.  I’ve never owned a Mora before and considered them a slight step up from Dollar General Cutlery.  

But I may have been wrong.  The Blade Steel is a good grade of Stainless that is very well polished.  The blade comes out of the package nicely sharp.  Not the sharpest of blades… but certainly workable.   The thinness of the blade helps the sharpness and the knife’s ability as a good slicer.   Combine that with a good working handle, and you have a knife that is very capable of getting a lot of work done.  That’s the whole point of a knife such as this, is it not?

The Sheath is simple, sturdy and perfectly performs the mission that a Sheath is for.  To carry the knife and to protect the blade.  It does this job with complete competence.  And really, that’s all that this knife as about… Simple Competence.  Mora’s don’t pretend to be anything that they are not.  They are honest.  Simple.  And well made for what they are.
This Companion was acquired for $12 at a local sporting goods store.  This is a good knife.  And one could say that this is a good knife “For the Money”, which is a crutch for Low Expectations.  But the reality is that there are a lot of knives out there that are not as actually useful that cost a lot more.

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