Returning to the Gun Industry.

There is a new gun company that is gearing up, that I am getting involved with.  I can not say anything about it as of yet, but hardcore, dedicated enthusiasts and aficionados will really pick up what we are putting down.   I am very excited.
Now, this doesn’t change my involvement in the Motorcycle Industry with certain European brands… But it keeps my whistle wet when it comes to weapons.
Goal is to be at SHOT 2019.  And as of this point, we are on track.
We’re going to eventually be looking at maybe sharing a Booth at SHOT if someone is willing to cooperate with us.

7 thoughts on “Returning to the Gun Industry.”

  1. It will be great to see you back in the firearms industry hope you can find the time to finish your book 3

  2. Ogre you have anything to do with WTA anymore? You can’t contact anyone unless you are a member and I can’t use my password log in and had to re register which is a catch 22 circle jerk that will not allow you to use a link they force on you that is not active. Any suggestions?

  3. OK never mind…finally got it to work but it was frustrating afternoon nearly 3 hours to get it to work….

    1. Sorry man… No, not really. I post from time to time… But really I’m not really under the hood anymore.

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