Why do you hate Glocks?

Message this morning: “Why do you hate Glocks?”
If I’ve given anyone that impression… My apologies. I do not hate them. In fact, I respect them a great deal. For a long time, my EDC pistol was a Glock 23. Solid, good gun. They are reliable and accurate and have a great balance of size, weight, and firepower. A Glock is just fine.

For me though, personally, it’s just not a favorite. I like guns with some character to them. Just like I prefer motorcycles with character to say, a Honda Nighthawk. Nothing wrong with a Nighthawk at all… Fine bike… even a great bike. But like a Glock, I find them to be a very pedestrian, soulless lump that I don’t appreciate spending quality time with, and would rather be spending it with something more interesting. And something that improves on the characteristics that I find important. Like a really really good single action trigger.

If you really groove on your Glock (Or Honda Nighthawk) that is totally good. Join the hundreds of thousands of other people who feel the same way too. Sure, there’s something to be said for them.

There’s also a reason McDonald’s has so many busy locations around the world.

4 thoughts on “Why do you hate Glocks?”

  1. I like my Glocks. I do not have the same regard for them as I do others in my collection.
    Where the Glocks shine IMHO, is in the 29 SF. This is my favorite carry gun for back country situations, 10 rds of hot 220 gr hard cast lead in the gun with 20 rd mags for reloads. And still lighter than my .44 mag with no reloads, and concealable.
    It is very comfortable to shoot. I had a single stack 1911 in 10mm and it was so uncomfortable to shoot that it did not out weigh the incredible accuracy. Both I and my wife preferred shooting the 29 to the 1911, so it went, even though I generally carry a lightweight commander day to day.

  2. I don’t love or hate my Glock 22 (40 S&W). It is a tool. It is absolutely, totally dependable. It fits. I shoot it well. I trust my life and that of my family to it. Yes, I don’t get warm and fuzzy about it. I get that Ogre.

    I do get warm and fuzzy about my late ’60s vintage Browning Hi Power. I simply love everything about it. I shoot it well, too.

    But, at the end of the day, I know that the G22 is the one I will turn to if real danger must be met with lethal force at close range.

  3. I have physical limitations these days so .380 or 9mm Makarov is as high as I can get…
    I have 4 issues with Glocks. One , they’re expensive ( e.g. >$350 new ) . There are .380s that can do the job just as well for considerably less money. Two, many Glock owners seem to find it necessary to drop another $500 to get it right for them. For that kind of money 💵, I could get a Browning 1911-380 , a Sig or one of the Colt Mustangs , not to mention the Walther PPK , all of which do a fine job OOB .. And look good doing it ! Three , the 25 & 28 aren’t available in the USA . If they were , picking up the G42 as well would be a no brainer. Last, the 42 is rather large for pocket carry… Not that Glocks aren’t good guns you understand.

  4. My take on it may seem a bit trivial but there are a number of reasons people don’t care for the Glock product and it starts with the horribly abrupt name. “Glock” doesn’t sound good at all, sounds like some poor bastard’s going to vomit… bad name.

    My personal tastes are offended by both the name and look of the Glock. It’s not for me. Do I hate them? Maybe.

    The core issue is whether any firearm works for the individual or not, period. If you prefer a Glock and shoot it well then that’s the gun for you and more power to you.

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