Yes, Kriss brought out the Vector in 10mm.  And I don’t care.
I LOVE the 10mm cartridge.  The fact that there’s a new 10mm Carbine on the market, makes me happy.  But I don’t want it.

Yes, it looks like it shoots well.  However I find the Vector to be distasteful.  The overall weapon system is far too bulky, and I find the weapon to be awkward on top of that.

During the heady days of Crusader Weaponry, one came into the shop and Joe was working on refinishing it.  The weapon is excessively complicated, and everything pins through and into a sub-chassis that I feel is too delicate.

During my time as Retail Manager for Blackstone Shooting Sports, a customer wanted to look at the fixed stock version of one of the Vectors we had.  He tried to fold the stock… and of course, broke it.  Vector gave me hell trying to replace the part, insisting that I pay for a new one.  I was finally able to get the part replaced under warranty, but it left a bad taste in my mouth for the company.   It’s worth noting that the customer looked like a pasty white Urkel and did not have a lot of power to apply to the stock to get it to break so easily, and he didn’t even try.   It broke far too easily.  So if you want a Vector Carbine, get the folder version, not the fixed stock version.

Honestly, I don’t care if the Vector fired phased plasma in the 40 watt range.  I wont have one.   Being overly complicated, delicate and fragile, being awkward and bulky and is as attractive as George Soros and Diane Feinstein’s Love Child… I have a whole SHOT Industry worth of better options to spend my money on.

If you have one, and you like it – that’s the great thing about the Industry now – There are a great many choices.  But for me, Kriss Vector isn’t one of them.

8 thoughts on “KRISS VECTOR 10MM”

  1. Over complicated is an understatement. It was ridiculous to take down for refinishing and a disaster to put back together. It’s a design by those just trying to rewrite a story that’s already been published. George is correct about the stocks as well. They are the same polymer that the outer panels are made of. They need to be reinforced on the inside but they aren’t. Just solid plastic like a Tapco stock….but skeletonized. You won’t find one in my armory.

  2. But you have to remember:
    It’s awesome in Call of Duty.
    And isn’t that REALLY all that matters?

  3. You people crying about takedown clearly haven’t done it. The easiest gun to tear down I have touched in 20 years. 4 push pins that a child could remove. No tools unless you want to split gun in half for some reason. Then you need Allen wrench. That’s it. But push pins x4 and you can detail clean and remove bolt, etc. stop lying to people based off your assumptions. If you don’t know anything about an item, don’t make posts about it. You all sound foolish. It does feel a bit on the cheap side. The lower is fine, upper is cheap-o plastic. Feels flimsier than polymer but it holds up. No issues after a few thousand rounds of 10mm so far. A fun toy. If you don’t like it. Don’t buy it. But stop bitching about stuff because you can’t afford it, it’s not n stock, or because it’s not like the gun you already own. I swear some people want all guns to look the same and need a fuse to fire. And the person saying this gun is cheap and then recommends a Kel tec sub2k is a nutter. Kriss V = fun toy. Not worth the 1300 price tag if on a budget and you can only afford one gun. If you are just looking to add another fun toy to your collection its gonna make you smile. If you get one that works. Like anything these days, it can be hit or miss.

    1. Not talking about a Field Strip. I was talking about the full detailed disassembly. This is far more technical than 4 push pins. Afford it? My house, two new cars, and a motorcycle, all payed for in cash. Affording a silly range toy isn’t a problem. The problem is that the Kriss Vector is a silly range toy.

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