Burris Fastfire 3 tops the Kahlan project now.


Louis Quarleno sent me a nice little present for my precious. A Burris Fastfire 3. Tough little Red Dot, very light weight. This one has the shroud to help protect it… Which got painted, of course.
Man, I really want to go shoot this now. Can’t wait till I’m back on my feet to take Kahlan out for a Range Session!
Thank you, Q! You rock to a shockingly high degree!

6 thoughts on “Burris Fastfire 3 tops the Kahlan project now.”

  1. That’s the right kind of friend…

    If you’re still looking at hand stops, I put a Zero Bravo stop on my 300 BO. Kinda’ pricey for a little bit of aluminum but it’s minimalist and between it and the MBUS, I don’t feel like I’m going to grab the muzzle and lose precious bits.

  2. Is that the stock mount that the Burris sight comes with or something different, I’m looking for a lightweight red dot sight for my kel tec su-16 (because the stock irons are garbage).

  3. I have a FF3 and like it a lot. In another thread I pointed out that one of my shotguns wears a Lucid M7 micro dot. Well, another of them has a FF3 on it. I love that the FF3, like the Lucid, has automatic intensity setting. And it works very well. It’s a rugged little mother, having no problem with 12 gauge shotgun loads, some of them heavy.

    Burris even makes special stock mounts for the FF3 to be used to perch it above the stock on shotguns that do not have top rails or are not drilled and tapped for scope mounts. They’ve been doing this for quite a few years now with earlier Fastfires. I sometimes see these sights on shotguns in the field for dove shooting.

    They are lighting quick, weigh next to nothing, are plenty bright for daylight shooting, and have decent battery life with an eight hour auto shutoff which is enough to get you through the night, with very little battery drain in the dark. I only wish they were motion-activated, like the new Leupold DeltaPoint Pro (although it costs three times as much).

    I have become a fan of mini reflex sights because of the FF3 and do have a DeltaPoint Pro on my HD carbine. Small and light, wide, open screen, no obstructed peripheral vision, is the name of the game for me now.

  4. Dear M.O.
    I kinda grew up shooting an original Colt AR15 with all the proper cut-outs and holes for fun switches. I’ve also fired one of the AR “pistols”.

    The one I shot was heavy, not very maneuverable and flung a fireball at least 3 feet out the front!! Am I missing something?

    So far, I’m not seeing the real practicality of a 7-10 inch barreled, rifle caliber pistol. Is it the fun factor, accuracy (I know they can be), or hide ability? Or, is it just for you younger pups?

    An old guy who still shoots.

    1. It’s for a more compact weapon system that doesn’t sacrifice firepower. With the KX5 Flaming Pig, Muzzle Blast is minimized without uncomfortable concussion… The gun is very accurate… so it scores all the points. Also, this unit is quite light and it can be easily shot one handed, thanks to the Blade Brace. It’s a good balance.

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