I’m just having fun with this thing… But the more I mess around with it, the more I like it.   I think this one is going to be hanging around for awhile.   20160910_164123

I decided to go two tone.  Because I just love two tone.  And I had a can of Rust-Oleum laying around.  And I was bored.  But I like the results.  I rolled a sheet of paper and slipped that over the barrel, under the guards, to give better contrast.     Once it fully cures out, the resulting finish will look a lot more matte.  Takes about a week for Rust-Oleum to cure.
As much as I wanted to use the Magpul Pro sights – they remain pretty dang expensive.  So I had these MBUS sights laying around. Okay, I didn’t even know I had them… found them in a box in my closet. BINGO!  But they will do just fine… and they look nice.
Also, when it comes to FDE, the Magpul’s darker tone of FDE is bloody perfect.   That should become the standard of FDE.  All FDE should be Magpul’s.
Now, I could just leave it as it is at this point.  But really… It does need a few things.  Such as a good micro red dot.  And something to keep my hand from slipping in front of the muzzle.

4 thoughts on “AR PISTOL PROJECT, “KAHLAN” Update.”

  1. I did 5.56 because of ammo consistency. I hate adding new calibers. I haven’t had a chance to shoot mine yet, but I am real happy with just how handy the thing is. I like it better than I thought I would.

    1. I’m feeling the same way. I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I do.
      The barrel is very – VERY – accurate. Printing Clover Leaf groups.
      5.56 for commonality, for now. But .300 BLK will happen next, with builds that are going to be suppressed.

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