Gravity Fields

Being a huge fan of Science Fiction, the actual discovery of Gravity Waves gets me excited.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

– Nikola Tesla

The Discovery of Gravity Waves changes the future of what is possible.   Waves can be generated.   Waves can be manipulated. This means Gravity can be manipulated.    We can make Interference Waves, which cancels out other waves… Which means we could create Anti-Gravity.

If we can manipulate gravity, we can manipulate Space-Time. Which means we could have Star Wars/Star Trek type Space Travel. Which means everything we’ve seen in Science Fiction suddenly becomes something very special… It becomes Possible.

The difference between Science Fiction and Fantasy is that Science Fiction is based on what is Possible.

9 thoughts on “Gravity Fields”

  1. Is gravity the real aether? Interesting, but the force is so weak it might be difficult to manipulate, but they said 400 people could have enough bandwidth to all have personal communicators…how many cell phones are there in Dallas?
    Who was going to say LA…but not while it is in enemy hands.

    1. Aether – the first thought of what was between the planets and stars…
      Maybe. This is a most interesting area of science now.

  2. Apropos of your new header, what do you think of the Anderson Lower? Local source has them for 49.99 I am tempted. Then again the SWaMPy 15 Sport II is $599.99..and I have a Sport I and a Mini-14.
    Who notes they have Mossberg 500 cruisers at $319.99 I’d never fire one with a pistol grip, but adding a Magpul…humm.

    1. The Anderson Lowers seem to be well made enough, and I can not determine any difference between them and some other higher dollar lowers. Everything is in spec.
      Though, I’ve not done anything with them yet. Really, your are building an AR for the fun of building an AR. Which normally I wouldn’t bother with.
      I am still having fun PLANNING. Believe it or not.

  3. Is this going to allow them to figure out how it is that Earth is spinning at aver 1000mph, but it doesn’t mess up your hair?

  4. I don’t know about manipulation anytime soon, the waves they say they “detected” (not peer reviewed or confirmed yet) are the apparent result of the collision of two massive back holes at the edge of the universe. One estimate I read said the energy released in said collision billions of years ago released more energy than is in the current universe. Don’t know if that’s true but we aren’t going to be moving black holes around in any reasonable foreseeable future.

  5. Ahaha! David Weber was on to something.

    Just sad that I won’t live to see impeller drive or warshawski sail!

    Yes, I realize his science is flawed at best, but I enjoyed the series.

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