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The FN SLP is one of the very best Self Loading shotguns on the market.  It plays second fiddle only the Benelli M4, only because the Marines selected the M4.  For those of us who have to buy our own guns – 2,000 dollars on a Shotgun is just not wise.  The SLP can be hand from 1,000 to 1,200 at retail which makes it far more realistic.  But are you really giving anything up from not having an M4?   No, not really.  You have a rugged and reliable action.  You have awesome sights which are similar to the M4’s.  And you even have a greater capacity.  So when it comes to a serious use shotgun – the SLP is every bit as awesome.
The Benelli M4 has something the SLP Tactical doesn’t have… I’ll get to that in a moment.  Working the gun counter at the best gun store in the region, I sold a lot of shotguns…. A lot of those shotguns came through my Tactical Shotgun Courses.  So I saw those guns get used.  Used hard like a fresh faced redhead girl just off the bus in LA looking to become the next hollywood star.   In selling these guns, a lot of them were to Law Enforcement.   And their choices came down to the M4 or the SLP Tactical.  One or the other.   They most often picked the M4.   Why?   Because that one thing the SLP doesn’t have. A good pistol griped stock.   FNH’s Pistol Grip Stock is a little lacking.  The stock its self is great.  I like the modules that allow changes in the stock’s length of pull and comb… but it’s the pistol grip its self.
The pistol grip on the M4 is spectacular.  It’s thick and meaty… cushioning…  It’s the best on the market, now or ever.  It’s the best the Industry has ever created for shotguns.  Take a good hard look at the M4’s pistol grip – and do that.  Just do that.   Don’t argue about it.  Don’t point fingers… just do it.  The SLP Tactical’s grip doesn’t compare.  It just doesn’t.  And when you go Side by Side with the Benelli M4 – you’ll see what I mean.
One more thing.  Give me the option of a factory Cerakote.  I’m big on color options because colors sell.  But only coat the metal.  None of the furniture.   FDE, OD, and give me a Burnt Bronze option – because I want that and it would be the tits.    Nothing else.  No special markings or titles or logos… simple.  Understated.  But bronzed out.

The SLP MK I / MK I Tactical

Now the MK1 is really intended for an optic… but they mostly never get any optics mounted on them.  Which leaves you with a set of iron sighs and an empty rail that looks a bit daft.  If this rail could be removed – that would be great.  But my beef with the MK1 is in one small detail.  That rear sight.  This small, cheap blade that looks like you took if off a Ruger 10/22.   This rear sight needs to be adjustable. This gun is perfect for launching slugs.  Different slugs have different points of impact and the gun needs to be zeroed POA-POI for max effectiveness – something FNH is all about.  To do that, I need an adjustable rear sight.   Sure, I could just put on a Red Dot and zero that – but why?  When the gun could have a good rear sight from the factory?  Come on.  This gun is world class, but that rear sight is a wort.    I can’t be the only guy that’s ever said this.   This shouldn’t be a new idea to you.  Someone at FNH has to have said that to you guys before.   You guys should have listened.   I actually had the chance to buy one of these real cheap.  I passed.  Why?  The Rear Sight.  Where was this at?  Last Tuesday at your new brand new Pro-Shop in Columbia.  I wanted to like it – but the rear sight just killed it for me.

So for the MKI – Adjustable Rear Sight.  That’s all I’m asking.

The SLP Competition.
Good to Go.



I really have no comment about Over-Unders.  O-U’s are for a richer man’s sport than what I play in… But from the guns I’ve tried they all shoot very well and do exactly what they are supposed to.  And they cool cool.  Now – I know you guys have some close relations with Browning.   Browning had an Over Under that I almost bought.  Came very close I liked it that much…

FN doesn’t have this type of O-U.  A light weight synthetic.  Maybe you don’t need it in your line up.  But – just saying – I did sell a lot of Bownings and that Sporting Composite, we couldn’t keep on the shelf.     Think about it.

The FN P-12
Understand something.  Pump Shotguns are my THING.  I have a passion for them.  I really want to like the P-12.  But something is holding me back.  I think that something is the same issue I have with the SLP MK1.  That Rear Right.  And that Cantilever Rail. So two things.  See… I like pump shotguns for their simplicity and purity of purpose… and their violence of action.   And the P-12 is almost there.  I don’t need my pump action shotgun to have a Railed Comb-Over.  But I do like the OPTION of being able to easily add a rail if I want to.  Ditch the Comb over and drill and tap the receiver for rail attachment, and give me a short rail section in the box.   Give me that adjustable rear sight.    And one more thing. Push that Magazine Feed Tube out to the length of the muzzle for just 1 more round of capacity – but just flat out better looking results.  Because the P-12 is looking like a murdered out Ithaca, with a comb-over.
You guys fix that – and I’d do something I can’t even believe I’m saying… You fix that  P-12 like I said… and I’ll trade you one of my favorite and most beloved Remington 870’s for it.  Yeah.  I would.


  1. Also, maybe FN should publicize the fact that they make shotguns in the first place. Because, and I’m ashamed to admit it, I’d kind of forgotten.

    1. Well for a Semi Auto shotgun you are going to bet your life on – and the lives of others… What shotgun do you recommend?
      Remember – Failure is not something that can be tolerated.
      I’ve had good luck with my Mossy 930 SPX – but others I know have had terrible experiences with them. Now, no one makes a perfect gun. But the 930 isn’t one I’d trust 20 out of 20 times.
      A Benelli M4? Yes.
      An FN SLP? Yes.
      Remington? No, not so much. Beretta 1301? It’s brand new on the market and same price – I’ll pass for now. Pretty much that is about it. Remington’s 1100’s were good – but the O-Ring thing bothers me. The Versamax is just not up to snuff here – neither is their quality control.
      Yeah – I’ll take an FN SLP. Now for those guys balking at the price still – come on. You guys wouldn’t bat an eyelash at that price on a quality AR. So why balk on a shotgun? Because it’s “Just a Shotgun”? Think about what that shotgun is defending. The dire threat situations where you are going to use a Shotgun.
      Yeah – I want a good shotgun for that.

  2. I picked up a used in “like-new” condition Benelli M4 for a grand and while I’m FAR from rich I don’t regret spending the money for it and it’s a gun that I’ll keep for a long, long time. If you’ve never shot one then you just don’t understand. Deals are out there, you just not only have to be in the right place at the right time but also have something to put down on it at that moment.

  3. US Army was using 500’s for decades all over the world including the sandbox and were very happy with them. Average cost under $400. Moved on to the M4 if I misremember right. Cost is not the deciding factoid, materials and design are and the pump shotgun design is an OLD and accepted one that does not need a re-design to fit current trends and tacicool arm chair commando’s.

    1. The US Army is still using Mossy 500 & 590A1, as does the USAF…the Navy guy that I saw guarding a submarine before had a Rem 870 but the trend between the 3 services are using pump shotguns. I was the weapons custodian for my flight in the USAF and the unit cost for our M16A2’s were around 400-500.00 each and the shotguns were around 150.00 each. It’s been a while since I was looking at FEDLOG but the government gets a pretty good quantity discount. The Marines were the only ones to go officially with the Benelli M4 and obviously cost wasn’t much of an issue.

      Now as far as the comment about the pump shotgun design being old & accepted that doesn’t need redesign to fit current trends & “armchair commandos”…the Benelli M4 is a combat shotgun and every Marine that I’ve talked to that carried one not only absolutely loved it but preferred it to whatever pump gun they carried previously. It’s an extremely fast cycling gun and for a door kicker who might have to engage 2-3 threats upon breaching, he’ll be able to fire those shots before even getting off the 2nd shot from a pump gun.

      Also just because I don’t wear a uniform anymore doesn’t mean that I can’t choose something different than yourself without being labeled an “armchair commando”, mall ninja, or whatnot or just not know what I’m talking about. I’ve shot it in numerous 3-gun competitions and I’ve also shot a 590A1 in 3-gun and my times are at least 3 times quicker with the Benelli…there’s no arguing with those results.

      1. No body is. But I bet you didn’t pay $1200 to $1500 per shotty either…the subject was the FNH.

        1. Sulaco – I found a brand new SLP at FNH’s new Pro Shop for sale for about 750. It was the SLP MKI. Very nice gun. New but had a couple marks on it so they couldn’t sell it at new pricing.

          At that price – that’s 870 Tactical Pricing.

          1. Not damaged. Just marked. And my point was that if you want a top shelf gun, you can find them cheaper.
            No… that’s really not what I’m doing. Don’t over-think things.

  4. Sorry Og to support your contention you find a one of damaged gun and that some how supports the FNH as a good choice for a HD gun? At $750 plus tax? Naw. This is not a gun for the masses just good shoppers….so off point guys.

  5. Just wanted to say one thing. The best thing in Ogre’s initial post about FN was this:

    One last thing on the FN Handguns:
    Do so with modern sights, contoured controls, and without the magazine disconnect safety. Thank you.

    Truer words have never been spoken.

  6. Wouldn’t the Benelli M2 be a better match up to the SLP and in the same price class? Is the SLP a gas gun? I have 2 M2 tacs that I’ve slightly rebuilt (Taran Lifters and Trij big dots up front) and they are a love/hate relationship for me. I think they kick like a mule as they are so light weight…but they are so light weight which is why I love them.

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