Packing a Magnum

20150623_123941It’s been fun packing the SP101.  Having a .357 Magnum on you is… what’s the right word?  Liberating.  There’s a certain feeling of confidence I’m getting with this SP101 that I’ve not felt since… Since I first starting packing.

As you can see from the above image, I’ve changed the grips from the factory squared grips – which honestly I didn’t really care for – to these nice Hogue Monogrips.  The difference in feel is night and day.  This is almost a completely different gun now.  Not only does it feel so much better, but it actually carries better because the butt of the gun is not squared off, but tapers down nicely.  It hides better too.  It’s just – better.   In firing, it dampens the recoil a bit better than stock too.  Not a whole lot, but it’s there.
If you are still running factory – I seriously recommend the change.  Unless of course, these just don’t fit your evidently Sasquatch-Like Paws.

Typically I’m packing the gun with 10 rounds standing by for reloading.  I do not feel like I’m at any disadvantage.  15 rounds of .357 Magnum is plenty for normal concealed carry.   If I need more, I’ll get my backup gun… which is an 870 Street Howitzer.  If I need more than that – I’m calling the Cavalry.
The load I’m carrying remains the Federal 158 grain SJHP.  With which I am satisfied.  For the time being.  Until I am convinced something else is tangibly better in this application.   Normally I’m a Hornady fan or a PDX1… but .357 Magnum is a different animal altogether.  The bullets do not need to be so fancy.  Just heavy and fast.
When I get my holsters from Adams Holsters, I’ll be packing the GP100 Match Champion as my main gun, and the SP101 will become the secondary.    As intended.   But for now… This little Magnum is serving admirably.

8 thoughts on “Packing a Magnum”

  1. Hey Mad Orge- I enjoy reading your post and for once you and I are on the same page. My SP101 was my first big hand gun. Have the same grips as yours. But for my small framed hands, I load 38+P. I find the 158 grn a little to snappy, unless Im out in the Hi Uintahs. Where the Bear and the Mt. Lion roam. How’s the family.

  2. Are ya feeling the hate yet? Well, ok. “Hate” is such a strong word. How about we go with “deep green jealousy”? ::grinz:: I found a shorty 101 way back when and have always wanted another with a longer bbl. And a 100. And a Security Six. And a…er, well never mind. Haven’t been able to put the money with availability. Received a rash of crap about putting the Monogrip on a 2.25″ carry gun but they fit my hands better then the stock grips and really makes no difference in concealability. I’m a big proponent of Ruger products and own more than a few. Always good to see them getting the love they deserve.

    1. The 3″ is just such a sweet shooter for it’s size. Not really all that much longer of a barrel, but the results are a dramatic difference in the pointability and degree in which you can get that accuracy out of the 101. The 3″ 101 is truly a Shooter’s gun.
      I still want to get a 2.25″, and get some nice wood Boot Grips for it.

  3. As a fighting handgun the .357 in regards to flash, blast, recoil, capacity, weight, size and admit it, over kill, has been surpassed by the tech. Will the .357 still get the job done? Yes. But it is not the best choice in today’s urban environment, especially at night. Camping in bear and cougar country fine. That said I have an SP101 I am very fond of but carry my Kahr P9 while the SP snoozes in the safe.
    Dons asbestos overcoat and ducks…

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