16 thoughts on “Probably still my #1 Favorite Firearm.”

  1. Earl Harbinger would approve.

    Last year I was was looking into getting a 16″ model cut down and SBRed. (and threaded ahead of the front sight) Then I handled one and promptly changed my mind. The factory LOP is designed for gorillas. On that, Agent Franks would approve!

  2. (Sigh) I know, I know, forgive me, Ogre, for I am about to sin. The Thompson is a GREAT gun, if you’re fighting Japs in the Soloman Islands, and it’s 1942.
    In the year of our Lord 2015, if ya gotta carry it any farther than from the car to the range to the car to the house, not so much. Ever strapped on 6 or more 30 round mags of 230 gr. Ball and humped an assault course? You might wish it was a BAR. The ammo’s lighter, and strikes a harder blow, even if it’s 10 lb. heavier. Hell, for rice propelled Japs in the jungle, an M-2 carbine works just fine. Or, how’s about a bullpup 10mm carbine, aka Col. Cooper’s “Thumper”? H&K are the only ones I’m aware of building a 10mm buzzgun, what say you?

      1. They did make and sell a few Thompsons in .38 Super caliber. Rare as hen’s teeth, though.

        I think I’d prefer a BAR Monitor … the pistol foregripped, full-auto, blue and walnut polished civilian version of the BAR.

      2. There’s a 10mm Auto Ordnance 1927 up on gunbroker right now. Can’t help you with the weight, though.

  3. I have the semi auto version and it’s my favorite rifle. It’s just fun to shoot. I was shocked at how heavy it was when I first picked it up. Can’t imagine humping it all day, mine is 12lbs empty.

  4. Can’t afford either but if it came down to it I might pick an
    M3 “Grease Gun” over the Thompson.

    Have shot both, here and there, and the M3, while ugly, is
    controllable due to the slow rate of fire. Mags were
    real cheap at one time also.

    Shot a suppressed M3 at a side match at the Second Chance Shoot years ago. The 230 grain FMJs were much louder
    than the gun firing when they struck the steel targets downrange. Sort of like clank/CLANK, clank/CLANK,
    laugh, and repeat.

  5. Thompsons are the only full auto firearms I’ve ever shot. Have had two opportunities and loved both. Didn’t really notice the weight though. Was having too much fun.

  6. I haven’t shot one but I did get to shoot a ma deuce and an m60. I love the way an m2 can just punch holes through just about anything but the m60, you can pick up and really rock n roll. Sadly, I can’t afford the ammo for either one, even if they were for sale.

  7. I suspect the weight is somewhat intentional to help keep muzzle rise under control. 45 ACP does have a bit of a recoil “snap” to it. Add full auto bursts to the equation, and it might be a bit hard to keep the shot string where intended when engaging under stress.

    1. No, that’s what the cuts compensator is for. The weight is because it’s 1920’s technology. You have to remember, when it came out, it was a marvel of it’s time for being so light!
      It was said “Ounce for ounce, it is the deadliest thing ever made by man.”

      1. Exactly. We’re looking at 100% machined steel and walnut…That doesn’t come cheap nor does it come light.

        I always liked shooting the M3A1, it’s stupid simple and surprisingly accurate for a $13.00 SMG (in 1944 era dollars)

  8. The Thompson is the M1927A1 or the TM1 configurations are still viable self defense weapons for the homeowner. For reliability I like the 20-30 round stick magazines. The intimidation factor of a Thompson is awesome.

  9. I had a chance to buy one with 10 large mags for 2 grand one time. Still kicking myself…….

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