Drag Racing x4


A few folks from work and I went to the zMAX 4 Wide Dragway to watch the Nationals.
Drag Racing is the automotive equivalent of Gladiatorial Combat.  It’s loud, it’s violent, and it’s over suddenly.   But man… You feel it.  Now, when you drag 4 cars at the same time.  Good hell.  That’s just bananas.  The sound and fury is staggering.   Ear Plugs are not optional.  They are quite mandatory unless you enjoy hearing loss.

I have to say that my son and I truly enjoyed the experience.  We watched records being broken.  We watched dreams die.  We watched it all.   And loved it.
We were entertained.
I want to thank the zMAX organization for letting us hang out with them and experience a bit of all that they do.   It was a truly impressive spectacle that we will not soon forget.  I’d post a video… but was told that was a No-No by the NHRA.  I shall respect that.

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  1. Drag racing remains one of the truly great American sports, and a good one for family entertainment. Indeed, ear protection is mandatory. Even in its most modern version, it still brings back memories of a simpler time, Beach Boys, Jan an Dean and Friday night and Saturday night street racing. I was really into that scene in the mid and late 60’s (I’m soon to turn 65). I still enjoy the horsepower, performance game and getting grease under my finger nails.

    But, the technology is so advanced now, that it is very easy to get yourself in trouble unless you are super sensitive to safety. When you think of cars capable of hitting 300 mph now in only 440 yards, 1720 feet, and that the driver is sitting on a somewhat controlled detonation device, far from “improvised” it is an awesome experience. Think 500 cubic inches producing almost 10,000 horsepower and the whole event to 330 mph or so being over in well under 4 seconds.

    Heck, my little mostly stock, slightly warmed over $25K turbo “pocket rocket and quite a few other modern modestly priced cars are capable of ETs in the 12’s and trap speeds approaching 110, exceeding those of A stock Plymouth 426 Hemi “Cudas, in 1970, you have to pause and think “can I drive this thing safely.” Well, you can, but you have to really pay attention. But, the innocence of the muscle car era is gone.

    There is a certain insanity or death wish mentality with the Top Fuel and Funny Car classes, and with the top motorcycle classes in which the latter are capable of well over 200 mph with absolutely no chance of walking away from a motorcycle mistake at those speeds.

    This remains a great family sport, especially for those interested in the stock classes and merely standing in awe of the Pro classes. I did not know, however, that there were tracks now allowing four lane launches.

    Thanks for sharing.

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