14 thoughts on “Only Accurate Guns are Interesting”

  1. I’d like a discustion on the Low end 9mm pistols, the new Ruger 9E, new S&W SD9 VE, Sig P320, Walther PPX.
    And lasers for revolvers to force multiply the limited ammo supply?

    Who is a budget minded fellow.

  2. Inaccurate guns can be quite interesting.

    In that, “may you live in interesting times,” ancient-Chinese-curse sort of way…

  3. Didn’t know where to put this, but I wanted to say that I appreciate the effort that you put into making the SLR episodes. As time permits, I try to listen to each of them. Thanks for putting them out.

  4. I too, appreciate the effort and the content of SLR. I think I first heard the quote from Col. Charles Askins in reference to hunting rifles but its a good one for the entire field. Your points are mostly well taken – even the one about springtime in the south. ( grin )

    That said, we may be in the “golden age” in terms of firearms design and production but I think we are lagging behind our forebears in the general proficiency of the populace in the shooting disciplines. Yes, we have Rob Leatham and Jerry Miculek and a host of others who have reached the pinnacle of achievement but the average high school freshman has little knowledge or interest in firearms beyond his/her X box console.

    Most of the kids I grew up with were dead shots with a single shot .22 rifle and a break action, single barrel shotgun. I wouldn’t have wanted to take on a squad of those kids armed with their customary weapons on their own turf on a bet. Most of them just didn’t miss. It came from long familiarity with those weapons and ammo and took the idea of “accuracy” out of the realm of theoretical and into the realm of practical to a degree that many people today simply can’t imagine.

    It brings to mind another old adage from the firearms community: “Beware the man with one gun. “

  5. in the spirit of friendly debate, i’d counter by saying:
    Only Guns I’m Actually Going To Carry Interest Me.
    Is my 2.5lb. Gp100 highly accurate? powerful? yes.
    am i going to carry it daily? probably not.
    is my 1 1/4lb bersa .380 accurate? marginally.
    do i carry it everywhere i go, open or concealed, even to church? yes.
    if i had to let them all go but one it’d probably be that one…

    1. Okay. Fair enough… but to me… just because I carry it doesnt mean its interesting or noteworthy. It just means its convenient.

  6. I have been worried about accuracy. The Ruger LCP .380 in a pocket holster is great in FL, the land of spandex and shorts. The Kahr P9094N in the Galco under my arm pit, gives me power and flexibility, but it is a bother in hot weather. A good leather preservative is still in research. I’m just south of gang-infested Jacksonville.
    Who lives in a low value target area, I wish the four junior Sheriff’s Deputies still rented the house at the entrance, A pride of prowl cars I would hope was a discouraging factor for robbers.

  7. Are those ballistic glasses you’re wearing? Those things provide a lot of coverage. Keep ranting! Even though you flip flop opinions more than a politician, I keep reading.

    1. Yes, they are ballistic rated. Since I have to wear glasses – gotta wear them when I shoot – I get them ballistic rated. They are larger than I normally get because I’m tired of looking over them.

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