Looking at Browning

Looking at the Browning Catalog, I have some thoughts.

First.  The Micro Midas X-Bolt Rifle… Why is it not available in .223?  You have the .308 family of short action cartridges and the .22-250… but why not a .223 and a .204 option?  I think the .223 especially is an oversight.  For bringing up young shooters, .223 is ideal.  I know Browning’s reasons for only using the bigger rounds… I don’t need to hear them again… but they are wrong.

The A-Bolt Shotgun.  A box magazine feed, bolt action, rifled shotgun, with rifle sights.  This would be an ideal gun for those on Shotgun Only counties… or for those that want to get real accurate with a slug launcher.  I want one.  I’d get the Stalker version, and top it with a Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14 BDC, and see how far I can go with a slug.

The Maxus Rifled Deer shotgun also looks awesome… but how about a short barreled version with a smooth bore and a regular tube magazine?  I’d love to build a Tactical Maxus… I know the SX3 is a similar action, but I like the Maxus receiver better.

The Silver and Gold Hunter line of Shotguns should be phased out… they’ve been a very problematic platform.  Most shotguns that come back with an issue, have been one of these shotguns.

The X-Bolt Varmint Stalker can be had in a .308.  This would make a great tactical rifle platform.  In fact, I suspect that it would not only rival, but surpass the Remington SPS Tactical, but with many improvements and comes with a detachable box magazine which is something the Remington wishes it had.

What I’d like to see is a Browning version of the Sendero.  A gun with a heavier, fluted barrel, in magnum calibers.   .300WSM, 7mm Rem Mag, .300 Win Mag would be the calibers of choice in that.

I am very pleased that Browning still has the Hi Powers.  The Mk III is a gun I’ve been wanting for some time.  Still can’t get one… yet.  But one day I will.

I don’t what it is about Browning Knives… but they are some how off-putting for me.  I don’t really dig them.  The lines and finishes are just… not right for me.  Then there is the fact that most of them are made in China so I’m just not a fan.

I worry about Browning’s availability now that they have this crisis in Japan.  Browning guns for the most part, are coming out of Japan and this is a concern.

9 thoughts on “Looking at Browning”

  1. My dad’s new duck gun is a Browning Silver Hunter. I thought it was pretty sweet. What problems should I tell him to watch out for?

  2. What’s keeping you from the Hi-Power MkIII? If it’s cost and you don’t mind an ugly gun, there have been quite a few surplus Israeli MkII’s on AuctionArms lately. They’re all in the sub-$400 range. I got one a few months ago and love it. Learned a bit about stripping them down, removed the mag safety, swapped out the safety for a C&S one, and replaced the grips. Once I’ve got a little more money set aside, I’ll send it off for some additional work (front and back stippling, barrel crown, dehorning… things that are beyond my current skill level) and a new finish. Doesn’t really “need” any of those things though since it’s still currently a blast to shoot.

  3. I’d like a Hi power as well. I shot one, and it’s one of the most soft shooting guns I’ve ever shot.

  4. The Hi Power is pretty well obsolete except for the WWII Axis and Canadian examples as collectibles. Unfortunately I had one many years ago that I foolishly traded for a motorcycle. The bike is long gone but I would have kept the pistol if not for that swap.

    1. Not so much Obsolete… it is still being made, firing a common round. Nothing obsolete about it. Less popular, sure. But it’s just as effective – if not more so – than most other 9mm service type guns.

  5. I recently shelled out more than I care to admit to buy a used A-bolt .22 for my young son. How I wish that were available new instead of the T-bolt .22

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