Beretta Myth vs Fact

Myth:  The Beretta 92FS is inaccurate.
Fact:  No, you just can’t shoot.

Myth:  The Beretta 92FS is unreliable.
Fact:  No, it’s one of the most reliable… you need to stop reading Gun Forum Debates on the Internet.

Myth:  The open slide allows dirt to get in.
Truth:  It allows the dirt to get out too.

18 thoughts on “Beretta Myth vs Fact”

  1. I had ice jam up my 92 once. Tap\rack\ bang worked. That is the only issue I have ever had. -17 degrees with water freezing on the gun. I don’t think a closed top would have made much difference. Good low temp oil did though.

    1. Mobile One is a fantastic Lubricant. Many good properties you want in a gun Lubricant.
      But Slipstream has a better coefficient of friction. (Meaning it’s just plain slicker)

  2. Gee a paid Beretta Rep in a commercially produced Vid (costing 10s of thousands of dollars) telling us that the 92 is not a POS.
    I wonder why Beretta went to that expense?
    Did they mention that the sheared recoil lugs are actually a safety enhancement?

    1. Since you obviously don’t know who Ernest Langdon is…
      Educate yourself:
      In the height of Beretta Hate, Ernsest made a name for himself when he came out as a gunsmith specializing on the 92 platform, fine-tuning Beretta pistols for competition. He also used the 92 in competition and became a champion shooter with it. He doesn’t work for Beretta. He consults with them, because outside of Beretta, he knows more about them than anyone… But he is not a Beretta employee. He also consults for SIG.
      He’s also a super cool guy. I’ve met him at SHOT on more than one occasion and I found him to be a professional and a gentleman… The gun industry could use more like him.

  3. Bought a 96A1 just last night and eager to get to the range to get use to the new girl’s feel. Agree with your thoughts on the forums, but I do have a question in regards to the guide rod; Stay with the factory plastic one and/or buy another guide rod for a spare? Or jump to an aftermarket metal version? Blew it apart last night fresh out of the box and did a Slipstream treatment and that bit of plastic was my only concern. Your thoughts?

    1. Keep the plastic one for the time being and put that money to another spare mag, holster, or just more ammo for it. The factory part will last for a very long time, and will not give you any problems for years and years.
      But it is like buying a new BMW and finding it has vinyl seats… it doesn’t seem right.
      Call Beretta and talk to Erick or Paul with Beretta’s Customer Service, and see if your gun can get a D-Spring mod, if it needs it.

  4. Still don’t do anything to deal with grip size and trigger reach in D/A. Main reason I gave up on my 92 and CZ. But that’s personal thing…

    1. Hey, this is why it’s great to be American… We have the freedom of Choice.
      And the CZ 75 is a wonderful platform. The 75 BD Police is calling my name.

  5. You can’t go wrong with either the 92 series nor the CZ75 series. The 75BD & BD Police are great pistols. They have very good DA/SA triggers, as the decocker drops the hammer to a half-cock position just like the P01 that you’re quite familiar with. The non-decocker 75s (those w/ the std safety) have better triggers, probably due to the less complex interior parts. Either way you’ll be extremely well served anywhere you go with any of the above.

  6. A couple of things; back in ’88, I had a range-rental 92FS shear a recoil lug. It happened at Double Action Indoor Shooting Center in Madison Heights, MI. The owner, when he saw it, got on te phone with his Beretta rep and expressed his displeasure. To their credit, they sent someone out to pick up the broken gun and replaced it, free of charge, with a brand new 92FS.

    Years later, while relating this tale to a metallurgist friend, he told me that much of the problem stemmed from retooling the factory, and not setting up to radius the corners on the slide properly and improperly heat-treating the recoil lugs.

    Now? Most I talk to are neutral to positive on the M9 / 92FS. Me? I like it.

  7. My first handgun I ever purchased was a Taurus 92AF, a Baretta clone. I still own it, even after nearly 30 years. It still functions great. Had to buy new mags for it, but other than that, it is a sweet, incredibly accurate pistol. It’s still one of my favorite firearms to shoot. Only thing I did with it was put on pachmayr grips.

  8. I fell in love with the iconic look of the 92 long before I could legally own one. I’ve owned one now for 10 years and have only fallen more in love. I finally got a new 92fs, found a local warehouse store that sells the mags $70/3 and got the high end laser grips. Baby’s all dressed up.
    Thanks for the advice on the slipstream, up north here, -17 isn’t unusual and any failure is bad news.

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