The End of 2014.

So, here’s i’m sitting in my office at the last moments of 2014.  At my fingertips is a Mac, and laying across my lap is an 870 Police Magnum. I’m in South Carolina and I am bewildered how I came about to be here.  A series of unfortunate events and fortuitous events played in such a way that I am in a place that I could never have imagined before.

A couple years ago, I was in a small old house in rural Utah, in the middle of no where.  Chopping wood and splitting wood daily.  Riding a motorcycle through snow.  Never warming up until late March. And to be honest, I was depressed as hell.  I felt stuck… trapped.  I had good friends around, but being stuck in a rut that was going to lead no where.  I found a chance to go to North Carolina, and I jumped on it.  Looking back, that was a mistake.  However I knew it was only a stepping stone.  So I stepped.

Now, I’m in a warmer place, in a new home that’s 4 times the size of that old Ogre Ranch… and the fireplace?  Runs on Gas.   I’m warm.  My joints don’t hurt.  All my old injuries don’t flair up like they used to and I’ve not had to use my cane for a great long time.   This is good.

2014 was a most interesting year.  Some of my worst lows in 2014.  Some of my best times.  I have cherished memories from 2014 now.

I can’t wait to see what 2015 has to offer.


13 thoughts on “The End of 2014.”

  1. Smarter people always find difficulties in accommodating to the mundane but passion for life keeps them intact. Hope that you find a good fit this year.

  2. Hell, life is supposed to be an adventure, a car race where you occasionally hit the wall!

    I’ve enjoyed your work over the year.

    Keep that 870 at hand!!!!

    Michael B

  3. Hate NC didn’t work out but great things are looking great. I have enjoyed your posts since the old days on TFL and then the THR. I need to get down and check out your new place of employment.

  4. Hate it didn’t work out for you but I certainly can’t complain you ended up in SC, we can always use an ogre. Happy to see you landing on your feet.

  5. Hey, it’s been a while since I read your blog, but I’m surprised to see you’re living on the east coast now.

    I live in Charleston, myself. Hope you’re enjoying the cold today- wait 5 minutes, it’ll change.

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