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1.jpg_thumbnail0I don’t have a Vertec… But I do have a Blue Gun of the Beretta Vertec.  The weight is completely wrong, but the shape is right on.  I like it.  In fact, I think I’d really like to get a Vertec.    Unfortunately Beretta has long discontinued it.

This was a big mistake.  Not as big as discontinuing the 90-Two instead of just re-naming it.  Maybe bigger than the killing off the Cheetahs.  Word is that Beretta is bringing back the Cheetah.  The least of these three sins.  Beretta, BRING BACK THE OTHER TWO!
Bring back the 90-TWO.  Bring Back The Vertec.  Just do it.

7 thoughts on “Beretta Vertec”

  1. I concur with your naming comments. Confusion in marketing is always fatal. I’d like to see Beretta bring back a plastic improved version of the 70S in .22LR.
    Who passed on the 70S once..sigh…not so great decisions of my life. (Insert: “Those Were The Days”)

  2. Why not one of their single colume tip up barreled pistols in 9mm instead of .380? Ya, that’s the ticket! As made this is still way to big an environment for a 9mm.

    1. Why not one of their single colume tip up barreled pistols in 9mm instead of .380?

      IANAE (I am not an engineer), but …

      Becaue the tip-up barrel pistols were blowback action, and a 9mm blowback would require a massive slide. Think Hi-Point or the old HK VP70Z.

      Is it possible to build a Browning-action with a tip-up barrel?

      On a similar note, it’s probably why you don’t see break-open revolvers any more — the higher pressures generated by modern ammo would make them unsafe.

      1. You are correct, Anonymous. For a larger caliber you need a locked breach. Or an overweight slide like on a High Point.

  3. Ogre, not sure you’ll see my comment on this old post. Reading your blog from time to time, I get the feeling you like Beretta, and this post here suggests you also like the vertec grip, but I haven’t seen you write anything about the M9A3?
    I’m contemplating buying one, but it’s a special order here in Norway, no one have them in stock and there is no chance of trying one before I buy. The internet isn’t really drowning in reviews of the A3, so I was hoping to at least get your opinion on it before I spend my extremely hard to get licenses on it.

    Best regards

    1. I’ve not talked about the A3’s, really. It is a fantastic handgun. Very smooth, very accurate and reliable. They feel great in the hands, point well, and shoot well. The A3’s sights are better and I like that it comes with a threaded barrel. It’s worth getting.

  4. Thanks for the quick response!

    I have actually placed my order, so I’m quite certain about it, but since my supplier is on vacation I still have time to cancel. So far I haven’t found any reason to do that.
    I really hope to see you do a post about the M9A3 some day.

    Best regards

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