North Dakota is booming

I’m happy that North Dakota is having a good boom time with the oil rush. Their economy is roaring.

And ours here is withering.  Because 3,000 jobs from here went directly there.  Jobs shut down here and opened there directly because of policy from the Obama Administration.  Because of the actions of Ken “The Loathsome Cowboy” Salazar specifically.  A lot of Utah residents are working N.D. right now… I’ve talked to several guys just today that are working over there.  Companies fly them back and forth.  Making great money.  Pumping their economy up like an balloon.

Utah Schools is looking at deep cuts.  All the County Governments are looking at deep cuts.  Utah is tightening its belt, big time.    But North Dakota is booming.   “Hey, Ken!  Where are those Oil Leases people PAID FOR?  Where’s the Money, Ken?”  If you didn’t want people drilling there – then don’t put those areas up for lease!  Just a thought.  Friggen thief.

I’m not bitter against N.D.   Not at all… good for them… but the way this shook out is outrageous.


9 thoughts on “North Dakota is booming”

  1. Old Ken stood flat footed and lied to Congress critters about the number of oil leases approved.
    He is not loved in Texas and Louisiana. Why he hasn’t been charged with contempt of congress I don’t know. More and more state governments are going to cold war status against the executive branches over reach on a whole host of issues. Kenny boy is just another sock puppet for the progressive movement. I hope someday I’ll see him in the orange jump suit.

  2. The state of Utah should start selling oil leases.

    If the feds don’t want to collect the money, that’s their problem.

    1. The State of Utah should Reclaim all lands back from the BLM. It’s not the Feds Land. My Hell. This is Utah. Utah Land should belong to Utah. Over 60% of the State is under Federal Control… and that’s some BS right there.

      1. All the states should take back all the land currently held by the Feds.

        If the Feds want land, they should have to lease it. When it comes to things like military bases, they can do long-term leases to protect the capital investment, but they should never be allowed to forget that they work for us, and not the other way around.

  3. The best comment I’ve heard about States banding together too oppose the Feds and Pukes from the “Liberal” enclaves is, “Oh we aren’t trying to secede from the Union, we are just going to band together and kick you out of it.”

  4. Lots of relatives, East of you in Moffat and Rio Blanco counties, working in coal and oil. Lots more up around Casper. Everyone of them are paying off debt, selling off the newer machinery and vehicles, and preparing for hard times. We were all at a Memorial Service this month. Other than the departed relative, almost all conversation was the economy and jobs.

    That sob is 180 degrees from where he was when we elected his sorry ass as a Senator. Doesn’t even resemble the Attorney General he once was. Guess the Washington Koolaide got to him.

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