At the Meat Mountains of Madness

Rumors have it that Arby’s has a sandwich called The Meat Mountain.  It is all their meats piled into one sandwich.


The rumors are true.  I have been to this Mountain of Meat Madness and I have climbed it.


The fact that I ordered two of them, caused the employee at Arby’s to get very nervous.  “No one has ever ordered two of them before.”  He said.  Then he saw my eldest son, and breathed a visible sigh of relief.   It’s a daunting sandwich to be sure.  But that wasn’t the bad part.  See… Eating the sandwich was one thing.
My son said it like this, “I kinda feel sick… but in a good way.  Like I have a food baby inside me now.”
That was pretty much it.  But you see, I made the mistake of getting a couple Milkshakes to go with the sandwiches.  That crossed the line from “Kinda feeling sick”, to the “I’m uncomfortable with this, and I forgot my safety word.”

It was good, in a novelty sort of way.  Having had it, experienced it and returned from the experience, changed, but surviving… I don’t think I’d order it again.

7 thoughts on “At the Meat Mountains of Madness”

  1. So…was it at least tasty and just too much to eat in 1 sitting or was it on the foul side? I’ve heard of it (along with their Hawaiian Brisket thingie) but not heard anything enough on the positive to give it a try.

    1. It was alright. All the meats were good…. individually. All combined it just wasn’t that great. Could have been better if all the meats had been heated evenly, and the cheese melted, and if it used the onion rolls the Chedder & Beef sandwich comes with.
      Good enough to try, but not good enough to order again. I’d rather have an all beef triple instead of the Meat Mountain. Some photos show a lot more meat in each layer than what you really get.

      What I really liked though was the new sauce they now have. A triple chili sauce. Very good.

  2. It was 2002. The 5 for 5 Roast Beef sammich deal. And 4 of my best friends from the football team.

    The only thing that ever came close was when Taco Bell was rolling $.39 taco specials.

    Ah, the magnificent gluttony.

  3. I haven’t eaten at Arby’s since the 1970s when their “roast beef” was this pressed loaf of something or other with little holes in it when sliced. I could never understand why anybody would eat there. Sounds like they’ve improved.

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