Ebola & our Government

I read a headline that says that the Government says that it can contain an Ebola Outbreak.  Really?  Because the next news story I read is that a homeless man that might have been infected and was under watch, wandered off…  They can’t even contain a homeless man.  And the Government says it can contain an Ebola outbreak.  Right.   All the other news articles today is basically showing the pattern that the Government has no idea what to do.  The CDC is still unsure if Ebola is airborne or not.

You think this can be contained?  Maybe.  But I don’t think so.

We’ve stopped flights to Israel because a rocket landed within 25 miles of an airport in Israel – but we still allow flights from Western Africa.   These flights have passengers that bounce into the USA, and all over the nation…. on aircraft with badly filtered, recirculated air that never get cleaned out and disinfected.  And they expect a stewardess to be a medical screener?   Now those folks who are newly infected and don’t know it yet…. what with the 21 day time frame they have… they go home.  Infect their kids.  Kids go to school.  Kids are constantly sent to school sick.  Because if a kid has the sniffles, that’s not enough to warrant keeping them home.  Not enough to go to a doctor earlier on… they would need a Doctor’s Note to excuse an absence…  as if it’s a Court Ordered Mandate.   Kids can’t even go to the bathroom when they need to, let alone wash their hands when they want or need.   So the sick kids, they go to school.  Infect the other kids.  Then those kids come home, and infect Brothers and Sisters and Mom and Dad… who go to work and go shopping… infect others.

No.  No, I don’t think any rampant infectious disease can be contained in our society.   Ebola has a high mortality rate.  There is no FDA approved treatment.  The national infrastructure has no way to deal with this and society expects people who feel ill to just slam some Theraflu and buck up and go to work.

If Ebola does go airborne, as some think it has, and it gets to the US… It’s going to be a huge problem that the US Government isn’t going to be able to handle.

Study the issue, learn how to deal with it on your own.  The Government is going to be of little help.  Unless you like the idea of Administrative Panic and be put in the modern equivalent of a leper colony.

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    1. I’ve heard on the news some people saying that that just isn’t possible.
      The hell it isn’t. It’s very possible. We’ve done it off the cuff and instantly at President Obama’s orders – to Israel. Why not to western Africa?
      Because that would be racist.

  1. I serve on the board of a national faith based medical charity supporting medical missionaries in third world countries, most of which are in sub-Sahara Africa. Those doctors are very comfortable with Ebola not being airborne. They are, however, very uncomfortable with our continuing to permit air travel back into the US from countries with current Ebola outbreaks.

    That includes two men that I know personally. One an American general surgeon missionary in DR Congo, in the province immediately adjacent to one which has had 70 Ebola cases and 43 deaths since August. It is not West Africa. It is Central Africa, so the scope is broader than reported by the media. The second man has just arrived in DR Congo, October 3, to bring critically needed medical supplies to the surgeon. When the supply team member is authorized to leave, he will have been quarantined sufficiently to have passed the incubation period without symptoms before he boards.

    In reality, with the exception of authorized healthcare workers who are willing to be quarantined under controlled conditions, we should not be permitting flights from East Africa or Central Africa into the US at this time.

    1. A disease does not have to be airborne to be as virulent as all hell.

      Smallpox took centuries to be eradicated after a vacinne was discovered.

  2. Consider this…..the ONLY way the US Government can enforce a quarantine area or region (not an apartment building) is with full-up, Martial Law, or some other form of 1984esqe Police State. If THAT happens, you can kiss whatever else is left of the Republic goodbye, to include elections, the Bill of Rights and due process.

  3. The late author Tom Clancy described an ebola outbreak in the book “Executive Orders”. Clancy was known for his research and his book painted a much more grim outlook than the Bravo Sierra the administration is shoveling. I think we are looking at very grim days ahead

  4. I agree with everything except the 1984 type scenario and the leper colony. now I believe these people might try something like that, but I have been watching these goofs and I am convinced they would totally screw that up as well.

    1. oh yea and one other thing. If you are stocking up on supplies in case you plan to be home bound if the fecal matter really does hit the rotating blades, don’t forget to stock up on toilet paper cause your going to need it.

        1. this is true, but I would like to avoid this as much as possible. remember along with nutrition and fresh air good sanitation is a major part in the prevention of sickness and disease. also another thing to stock up on is hand lotion. why? well we are coming into the winter season when peoples hands dry out and crack. its not a good thing to be touching things up in a virus prone environment with open cracks on your hands. unless you plan to use rubber gloves all the time, in which case you had better stock up on a lot of those too. and if you are going to use grey water and bleach, better start buying bleach by the case.

  5. Link to the CDC being “unsure” about airborne ebola? Because if they are, we got some fucking idiots working there (all political appointees, i’m sure). Ebola is blood transmission only. period fucking dot. Don’t touch any african fruit bats (or American moonbats) or drink any blood from an infected person and you won’t get ebola. This is just the media sensationalizing shit again. The fucking flu killed more people last year than ebola did in the last forty.

    1716 confirmed cases of ebola from 1976-2013, about 80% fatalities, mostly from poor care, because it’s fucking africa. that’s from the WHO. So far, just over 8K in west africa this year, less than half are fatalities.

    Compare that to an estimated 40K+ annually from the flu according to the American Journal of Epidemiology.

    I doubt even our government could turn ebola into an epidemic over here, where despite their best efforts we still have decent medical care. Just avoid any government-mandated ebola vaccines, because i’m dead sure they could fuck that away.

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