Custom Lever Actions

Few guns get me revved up like custom lever action rifles.  I’m not talking about off the shelf guns with off the shelf accessories bolted on to them… I’m talking real old school custom work.

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That’s what I’m talking about.   Just had to share the Gun Lust.


13 thoughts on “Custom Lever Actions”

  1. Oh I hear you on that one. The first rifle that was given to me was a nice old Marlin 30-30. Old and well used, but she never let me down. And while my own personal taste have drifted more into the realm of auto loaders lever actions of all types will always hold a place in my heart.

    Perhaps when times are better I shall find myself another lever action to fill that gaping hole in my collection. I have a bit of a hankering for something like a mare’s leg with a similar finish to the first rifle. Or hell… maybe there’s some possibilities for a lever action shotgun like this.

  2. I lament the impending demise of custom (old school variety) gunsmithing in general. Nice custom grade walnut, carefully selected, hand inletted, hand checkered, real oil finish, and nice highly polished and blued steel. I salivate at the thought. The checkering does not need to be fancy, only very precisely done. The receiver need not have any fancy engraving. It is the attention to detail that matters.

    The end result is a piece of art in wood and steel, practical enough to take into the woods, but nice enough to not bang around. Something to admire for its esthetic beauty as much as its functionality. Nothing shouting out “bling,”, rather highly refined, but understated. Very anti-black gun.

  3. I have a Savage 99 that has pressure issues. I reconfirmed the issues last weekend. Now the question is: do I rebarrel it for a beater gun, or just buy a cheap bolt gun. The cheap bolt gun will be cheaper, possibly more accurate, but less fun, original, and will most likely have a lower capacity. This would be for a truck gun.
    If I were to do the Savage, I am thinking 16.25″ medium sported barrel. Threaded for future use. Ceracoted forest green along with the reciever. New recoil pad, shorten the LOP by an inch. Add ghost ring sights and possibly a short rail. The question would be,keep it in 308 or do a 308 derivative such as 338 federal or 7mm-08?

  4. I inherited my uncle’s rifle, a 336 in .35 Rem., pistol grip stock. Action works like it’s on ball bearings. Being 19 and stupid, I put A 3×9 Bushnell in see-thru mounts on it. Now, I’d like a scout setup like on rifle #2. And a model 39 and 94, cut to trapper length with ghost rings. The 39 would be a sweet woods loafers piece….

  5. I am contemplating a lever action in .357 magnum. I have a Ruger Security Six and an LCR, both in .357 and thought a lever action would be a good compliment. Any recommendations in the $500 – $800 range?

    1. Rossi’s M92. Get the 20″ barrel. The 16 just doesn’t work that well, they all shoot too high. The 20’s are spot on.

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