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It’s good to be back home.   July was a month spent on the road.  June 30th I pulled out of North Carolina and headed west.  I basically made a loop between here and Utah via I-70 and I-80, up to Rochester New York and then back down to home.   I went through a lot of states and stopped to talk with a lot of good folks along the way.   And I learned a few things.

At none of the border crossings was I stopped and asked for papers or travel permits.  I just got in my car, and drove.  A lot.  Freedom.

FACT:  AMERICA’s Colors are Red White and Blue.
I was pleased to find that even in more “Liberal” areas, people are Patriotic and we love our Nation.  I saw the American flag flying in every State.   I saw it on the backs of trucks and cars.  Proudly over businesses.   And I even saw it inked as a few tattoos.

FACT:   AMERICA has a pathetic Government.
Everywhere I went, Americans have a great love for our Nation, but none for our Government.  Obama is just not popular at all anywhere I travelled…   No where did I hear anything about Skin Color.  It’s all about Policy and no one I talked to had anything good to say about it.

FACT:  AMERICA is BEAUTIFUL.   Even crossing Kansas and Nebraska – two states that normally cause me to flail simply due to the expanse of them… I have to say I found stunning beauty in them on this trip.   Tennessee was breathtaking.   Looking at the expanse of the Great Lakes.  The absolute majesty of the Rocky Mountains.    American is Gorgeous.   PA really surprised me with it’s soft hills and wide fields… beautiful little towns.   Western side of New York is even beautiful.   The Niagara Falls would have been more so if it wasn’t so bloody commercialized.   I’d have loved to have seen it 50 years ago.

Overall, America is one amazing Nation.  And I truly love it.  And I know I am not the only one, who would stand proudly in it’s defense.  I only find it mournful that it’s our Government that we need to defend against.   Bureaucrats with their Policies… CANCER!   And not just on the Federal Level, but on the State and Local.   We need to keep an eye on them.

10 thoughts on “This Great Nation”

  1. I propose we need to excise the cancer.
    Not just keep an eye on it.
    Exactly how, remains to be determined.

  2. I find myself more and more agreeing w/Mike Vanderbough over at Sipsey Street Irregulars that while we must do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to avoid being the initiators of violence, we must be prepared to return it if and when the regime decides the Waco rules of engagement, the whip of brute force, will work again to make folks comply to tyranny. The Gov. must be convinced somehow that course leads only to a bloody Civil war that they won’t win. I pray we do – I have no desire to see my sons or anyone’s fed into the pyre that such a conflict would be.

  3. The skin color game that the left loves to play is such an obvious lie. If Alan West or Alan Keyes were president today, not only would conservatives be supporting them, they would be throwing them a ticker tape parade, and the left would be crying Uncle Tom. And by the way, they are both much darker than the current potus and neither of the two Alan’s need rely on a teleprompter to sound coherent.

  4. It is quite an amazing place. I haven’t flown commercially for ten years and have no plans to do so. We generally road trip on vacations and find the most satisfaction from experiencing things in “flyover country” that the majority of Americans are completely ignorant of.

    1. I travel this land by motorcycle every chance I get.The scenery is even more breathtaking from the saddle of a cycle,but it’s the people I meet along the way that make each journey special.I love that freedom has fostered such large,diverse group of wonderful people.

  5. What you are going to like most is no
    Or little humidity. If I did not have 2
    Grandkids i would be back in nevada or
    Utah. Great motorcycling.
    I am so envious.

  6. Having actually lived in 1/5th of the States (that would be 10 for any liberals reading this), a large portion being in the Heartland. and having visited many more throughout the nation, I would have to agree with you. America is a beautiful place. Too bad you didn’t get a little bit further north of the Kearney Arch and see Rushmore, the Black Hills, and the Badlands too. Beautiful country and great people everywhere.

    1. Going there is on my Bucket List – going there on a Motorcycle that is.
      I’ve lived in a great many States. Washington State is a favorite, as is Utah.

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