Putting up with it.

Our nation has a history of completely screwing it’s Soldiers and Sailors and it’s getting worse and worse.   US Military gets shafted in pay and benefits, for the sake of budget cuts.  GI Bill gets cut back.  VA Benefits are cut back.  Even though it makes money, due to budget cuts the .Gov is cuts back on Post Exchanges… During Government Shut Downs, your on base stores – where Soldier’s Families buy groceries – gets shut down.   Vet’s wait until they die for health care.   Soldiers in the field are getting “You’re Fired” letters.   Vets that say “Hey, I’m having some nightmares” are getting gun rights taken away.   The .Gov looks at Vets as potential terrorists.   And now we have a Deserter who may have helped train the Terrorists, traded for 5 Terrorist Leaders, brought back to Active Duty.  Ft. Hood Shooter, anyone?

While all this is going on, our Administration is letting one of our Marines sit in a Mexican Jail, for illegally entering Mexico, while thousands of Mexicans enter the US illegally.

We have a US Marine.  Honorable service in two Tours.  Physically abused and beaten by the Police of a Nation that is supposed to be an Allied Nation… Languishing in a Mexican Prison.   It’s been over 100 days and he’s still in jail.  The Mexicans want to PUNISH him because he took a wrong turn and accidentally entered Mexico.   And our Government has done absolutely nothing to help him.   Disgusting.

The CIA and the US Military should be making plans to forcibly get our man back.  The Commander and Chief should be on the phone with the President of Mexico offering them a chance to return our Marine.  The force of our Nation should shake the Government of Mexico until he’s returned or retrieved.  Yet our nation does nothing.  We wait for the Mexicans to sentence him to even more jail time.

I am ashamed of our Government.   I do not see how our Military is putting up with this.  Insult after insult after insult… our military is being abused.



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  1. Speaking of the suspected deserter… I saw on the news that he may receive $350K for back pay and POW benefits?!

  2. It is impossible to disconnect the imprisonment of a U.S. Marine in Mexico from the war on guns by the current administration. A wrong turn with firearms in his vehicle, has morphed into politcal abandonment by the U.S. Government.

  3. They have a saying in England that the NHS (National Health Service) ate the English Navy. That is the gov zeroed out the nations Navy and used the money to fund the NHS. Obamie is following just that plan….what could go wrong?

    As to the deserter, there was an Army investigation with full interviews of all persons on the fire base at the time he left. That report is under lock and key, it was done by a 1st Lt. Obamie has assigned a GENERAL to reconduct the investigation to “get to the truth”. Ya like that’s going to happen. I also think there is more to the story of the Marine held in Mexico than we are being told. His background and antics before this were somewhat strange from what I have read….

  4. Have been following this and was to a point okay with the fact that he was returned to duty due to the fact that the UCMJ could still be applied to this individual in regards to deserttion / treason…But since I have knowledge that the initial investigation at his AOR location may not be used against him …This has whitewash all over it……If this happens then I would have to advise ANYONE that has ideas of joining the US Military while this junta is in office to stand down…………..and that is hard for me to do being recently retired from the USAF….

  5. “I am ashamed of our Government”

    It hasn’t been your government for a long time unfortunately.

    The sooner people realize that what was, isn’t anymore and hasn’t been for a very long time, the better off they’ll be.

  6. America is , sad to say, done for. Finished.
    Kaput. Abortion, selling weapons to drug
    cartels, Irs targeting conservative groups,
    Instate tuition for iillegals, who should be deported. 35% of all federal prisoners are
    Illegal aliens. I could go on and on . But
    Just wait till hillary gets to be the president, and she will. First thing she will
    do is appoint a couple of supreme court
    Justices who will take this country all the way down. We had a good run but the devil
    Has won.our only hope is for the Creator
    To straighten it all out.

  7. Sadly, this is not new. My grandfather was a Spanish-American War vet. He qualified for a small pension as a result of that service. At a later point in time, Congress arbitrarily revoked the pension. Years later, they reinstated it, but not retroactively, he said.

    Vets always seem to be the victims in politics.

  8. okay, so this is a pretty damn late response because i’m actually deployed right now, but here’s the “why” in a nutshell:

    we “put up” with it because the alternative is to declare war on our own government and take over the country. i’m talking about honest-to-goodness taking over the government military rule sort of shit. and no one wants that. i’d go so far as to say that 99% of military personnel don’t want military rule in the US.

    the american people made this mess when they decided to vote in obama. it’s your job to fix it, not ours. what have you and your buddies done today to get the statist, socialist, self-serving fucks out of power? have you written your senator? your congressmen? your governor? have you committed yourself to not voting in a similarly self-serving asshole of the opposite party come next election?

    we’re being abused because the american people are allowing it to happen. and we’re not going to declare war on our own country over it. we’re gonna do what we’ve always done: embrace the suck and “put up with it” and hope the rest of the country gets a goddamn clue sometime soon.

    /rant over
    sorry for the wall o’ text

    1. Your opinion is valuable and valid… I appreciate your comments. Everything you said, yeah, “We” got the government we deserve.
      As far as me personally contacting my Reps? Believe me, they know who I am. When I was in Utah, they knew my face as well as my name. Especially when I ran for Office. I put my money where my mouth is. Funny, how after I ran (And lost) the jackwagon pushed legislation that I ran on. It almost went through. Came close.

      1. Yeah, fair enough. i do believe that of you, anyway. Most people, however? Bitch and moan but never do anything.
        Again, sorry for the silly long delay. My internet sucks here, and i do a lot of archive binging when i get a good signal for a decent amount of time.

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