Sig’s Arm Brace

I was hanging out at a certain gun store the last couple days, and they have a .223 caliber pistol in stock.  I had to examine this thing closely.  I’ve avoided liking these because I fee the ATF will reverse it’s decision on these things and they well be deemed to be SBR’s at the flick of a Bic pen and then the ATF will ask for all the records of all those that bought these things.   I felt like they were a potential trap.

I made the mistake of handling the bloody thing again and thinking “why not?”  It might legally be a pistol, but it’s a little rifle in all reality.  The fact that you can take this “pistol” and shoulder it and fire it as easily as any SBR, but without dealing with all the SBR red tape is very attractive to me.   Now I’m wanting one.     DANG IT.


14 thoughts on “Sig’s Arm Brace”

  1. Go to the gun show, pay cash, leave immediately, “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” it’s not just for the military anymore. Better yet, build a “Ghost Gun”, make your new pistol from a kit with an 80% receiver as well as putting the brace on it and get a TAC CON trigger for it so that is is rapid fire (Legal pseudo-full-auto) it might be enough to make some liberal anti-gunner’s head explode.

    1. That does not help if ATF declares it an illegal gun after the fact, then your stuck with the decision 1. turn in 2. hide it and become defacto felon…

      1. They would only claim the brace turns the pistol into an SBR. If you pull the “arm brace” off(which is just slip fit on and not permanently attached), it reverts back to many of the AR style pistols built before the brace was invented.

        They would then have to ban any pistol with a buffer tube as an SBR. This would also cause the banning of certain bolt action pistols as there are ones with the action set back from the grip that “could” be braced against the shoulder.

          1. You’re only out an “arm brace” rather than a pistol. Not a huge loss. That is unless, as I posited earlier, they ban any pistol which could be braced against the shoulder.

  2. I have one and like the damn thing a lot! You are correct. You should want one too! There are even pistol buffer tubes built specifically for the Sig Brace to give a great LOP. KAK Industries makes them.

    I had a local LEO come up to me at the range and say “good on ya!” for getting one. He shot it, loved it.

  3. I saw that my local gun store had some if those in stock and that is the very reason I did not ask to look at it.

  4. Perhaps the ATF will let these slide, so long as you don’t get one with a “shoulder thing that goes up”.

  5. Not the biggest far of the Armalite action in general myself. But… I’ve seen them for Kalashnikov’s. And I’ve always kind of wanted a Krink.

  6. Ya know … you could probably make one for a few bucks out of a loop of 2″ webbing.

    Add a sorbathane chicken pad on your shoulder, and call it done.

  7. Just buy the SIG Arm Brace as an accessory and then build your own AR pistol…no ATF involvement whatsoever. Personally I think the Arm Brace is over-priced by itself for a semi crappy “stock”.

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