FNH shows some Leadership

Congratulations to FNH for showing some serious leadership in the SHOT Industry.  Something EVERY company that’s involved in the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade industry.
Partnering with TREAD LIGHTLY!.

994325_10201226366874642_910207755_n (1)This sends the right message.   To everyone.  From our fellow shooters, to everyone that enjoys the outdoors for all reasons.  My brother in law Sage Wheeler taught me to appreciate our lands more than I had thought about.  I’m not an Environmentalist by any means, but I am one that is concerned.  I’ve spend many hours in the desert filling up the back of my Chevy 4×4 and my Ford Bronco full of garbage and crap to take to the landfill.  Couches, Appliances, Chairs, TV’s, Computers… All of them… Everything… riddled with bullet holes.  Sure, I made my share of holes… But then I came back and cleaned up what I could.  Because the #1 reason our shooting areas are getting closed off – is because we tolerate those that use those areas as a dumping ground.   That has to stop.  If it doesn’t, we’re going to lose all of it.

Thanks, Sage.  And thank you, FNH.

3 thoughts on “FNH shows some Leadership”

  1. I’ll second that emotion!
    Who has done a lot of pick up and clean up and never leaves evidence uhhh .. make that trash…behind!

  2. I too am proud to be part of a group that takes cleaning up after ourselves, and others, seriously. A group of us went to one of our favorite haunts a while back and spent several hours doing clean-up. Not a round was fired – just bags and bags of trash picked up and packed out. Some pics of the day at http://www.arizonagunowners.com in the gallery section.

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