A changing world

Vladimir Putin is more popular than ever and is going to take the Ukraine with little effort.
Canada is getting itchy.
Scotland is going to split off from the United Kingdom.
Maryland State Police seem to be pissing on the Constitution more than Capitol Hill Insiders.

These are interesting times.  What should we do about all this?

What we need to do, is to get a grasp of our own legacy.  Our American heritage… our American Spirit.  American Exceptionalism.   To quote Mufasa, “You have forgotten who you are.”
We need to remember.


3 thoughts on “A changing world”

  1. Couldn’t agree more.
    I don’t know if it will be enough, but I do believe that participating in the program is at least trying to push things in the right direction. Everyone thinks ‘marksmanship’ when you say Appleseed, but the marksmanship is just a tool to remind everyone of our American heritage, which is the real point of Appleseed.

  2. Buy gold, silver, and train yourself. A roll of 20 silver 1 oz coins costs less than $500 right now, surely you can afford a roll every few months?

    Job skills ( electrician, plumber, welder, ect ) cannot be taken from you regardless.

    I assume the reader is already armed and ammo’ed up.

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