I am no longer with G-Code Holsters

I’ve left G-Code Holsters.  I am proud of the hard work and good things I brought to G-Code.   I am now looking for a new opportunity to use my skills and talent in the Gun Industry.

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  1. You may want to assume that things will not get better. The majority did vote for socialism …

    I put my savings into metal, and do the minimum needed to make ends meet these days. Just go Galt, and tell the sodding bastards to screw off.

    Maybe get a minimum wage gunshop job, or a security job, and enjoy the decline.

  2. Are you going to stay in the Jacksonville area or are you willing to relocate somewhere else in the state? At one time FN was hiring in SC less than 6 months ago, I think Remington had some job openings in corporate. Good luck buddy!

  3. Man, just a few months after you got settled in too. Do you still recommend G-Code products? Or have you learned things that make you look elsewhere?

      1. This is just one reason why you are a true class act. I’m completely serious about that.

        Good luck, may God bless you. You and your family are in my prayers.

  4. You have friends all over the country, I feel something exciting will come your way!! Hopefully without another move.
    Your extended family supports and believes in you.

    1. Truth. I figured I’d ask because the post doesn’t say anything about whose decision it was and I know George doesn’t tend to compromise on his feelings. Seemed just as likely that he chose to leave the company due to something.

    2. Doubt that. Sounds more like a disagreement or differing of opinions on the job description and expectations. You don’t give out a job offer to someone knowing they are moving their family across the country and not have the finances to pay for that role six months later. That would be piss poor planning and unethical.
      More like it just wasn’t a good fit on one or either side.
      If you don’t own your own business outright, and almost all don’t… then your happiness depends on how well you get on with your immediate boss and one level up and one level down from there. Everything else can be fixed and shouldn’t matter.

  5. I’m a long time reader and was in your position myself a couple of years ago and I’d like to extend a business offer to you. I run a small prototyping and design firm in Indiana. If you have a product you want designed and put into production I’d be willing forgo payment until you started to move inventory. Please feel free to contact me at the email I’ve listed.

      1. Yes, very generous. That is a great lead where you could bring a dream product to market while still working a day job to keep the wolves at bay. You have great product enhancement ideas. Bet the struggle would be to figure out which one would sell the most.

      2. Not to mention your brand is already developed and has a loyal following.

        I might add that my contacts in local industry range from companies manufacturing high grade optics (including nightvision) to independent injection molding companies to DOD contractors. I’m also close by to companies that can do delicate work in clean rooms, heavy industry (Cummings), and all the smaller companies that support those.

  6. You should call Sig. I’m sure Sgt. Shaw and John McGregor would be willing to put in a good word for you.

  7. Ogre, have you given up on that job offer
    In alaska? I’ve been all over the world but Alaska is number one on my bucket list.

  8. Do some more writing. I re-read Uprising USA on a trip last week, and it was just as much fun reading through it the second time as it was the first. UK was great too.

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