So I’m sitting here…

…With this Beretta 92 in my hand.  And I’m looking at it…  It’s just gorgeous.


It’s worn.  Well worn.  But still tight and smooth and accurate… just a great shooter.  My wife and I ran an errand real quick.  She had a Red Box video she needed to return.  Well, we get to the Red Box location, which isn’t the best spot in town for hanging out at a vending machine at night.  She’s about to bounce out… and turns and says, “Okay, you got my back.”  And then she says “How are you going to back me up?”  She hadn’t noticed I had a weapon on.  Plus 1 for the G-Code OSH Standard on a simple Paddle.  I was able to jump up, slip on the OSH+Paddle, and away we went.  No bothering with threading a holster through the belt loops or such.  Speed to Action… I like that.  I’ve become quite the fan of the paddle.
I said, “9mm, Baby.”  To which she nodded and then exited the OPC.  (Ogre Personnel Carrier) There was a couple very suspicious and thuggish looking types milling around at the corner, from which the Red Box isn’t very far away from.  I felt quite confident with the big Beretta.  Stoked up with a 17 round mag of Hornady Critical Duty.  The thug with his hands in his coat pockets and a hood up over his head would not have been able to have reached my wife before being completely ventilated.
I wasn’t even worried about that though.  The thug was more concerned about the bitter cold than my wife with her DVD of Much Ado About Nothing, as Directed by Joss.  It was a bone chilling 46 Degrees F out there.  Brrrr… I actually turned on the heated seats.  But that’s another story.
Sitting at home now, with the Beretta… I have to say, there is something about the 92.  It’s large, solid construction, it’s heft, I have to say… I really like it.  A lot.  It’s just about the only DA/SA gun that I actually like anymore.  At least, like enough to want to buy one, or to bother taking out and shooting.  The way the action feels like it’s on roller bearings… so smooth… so… creamy.  And thanks to Slipstream and a D-Spring from Beretta, the trigger feels just as smooth as well.  This old battered Beretta… It’s just gorgeous to me.


13 thoughts on “So I’m sitting here…”

  1. “But Ogre… You say you carry your 92 Off Safe!”
    Yeah, I do. When it’s in a holster. A Watch Cap isn’t a Holster.

  2. I always wanted a 92G model. That was the only 92 model I ever wanted, unless you count that new Billinium model that looks like a Taurus clone, which is just ironic. I owned a 92D for a while a long time ago, but the DAO trigger was too heavy. I kept having nightmares where I couldn’t pull the 92D’s trigger in gunfights, so I switched to a Colt 1991A1. Still had the no-trigger-pulling nightmares for some time after, though.

  3. I have never owned or fired a Beretta 92… When I took my concealed carry class, my instructor showed a nifty trick where someone could disarm a person armed with a 92 by using the button on the frame to remove the slide. Not something I would ever want to try when a trained LEO had a loaded gun pointed at me, he was pretty quick doing it.

    1. Yes. That was clearly demonstrated by Jett Lee in the Lethal Weapon movie.
      I invite anyone to attempt the same trick on me and my 92. I suspect we would have different results.

  4. Just shot my new A1 over the weekend. It’s a perfect fit in the hand and operates so smooth. Love it.

  5. Not a fan of the 92, but very interested in the G-Code OSH with paddle for the very reasons you were able to move into action so quickly in your vehicle. I keep a Glock a Model 22 between my driver seat and center console. Would love to have a good paddle rig for it.

    1. I’ll trade you Beretta’s straight across… With a couple good holsters to go with it. Sharkhide Adams and a G-Code OSH-RTI.

  6. CON:
    Big: Heavy: hard to conceal: lots of poky things to get hung up on clothing: low power round: huge envelope for a small (9mm) round: LONG trigger reach: double action to single action transition: huge grip size for normal hands: open to grit and dirt… No no and no.

    Large round count. Still in production and parts/repair not a problem.


  7. Amen I agree on everything. I love the 92. A dead sexy gun that runs and runs and it’s so easy to shoot well with it. Have you seen the SBs? Same curves with a deep, black bluing.

  8. I miss my 92 very much. Probably the only gun I truly regret selling, but keeping the roof over the family’s head was more important.
    The only Da/SA that I liked as much is a Smith 5900 series.

  9. i have been told that there are lubrication problems with this pistol due to two different types or metal in the frame and slide. is this true.

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