Long live the King?

Burger King, that is.   This morning I had too much blood in my caffeine and I was getting a headache from it.  Needed to fix that.  Closest joint was a BK.  So I stopped in, went inside.  I had a minute.  So I sit down with a large Coke on ice and pull out my Samsung Galaxy S4, which is awesome…   Check messages… Oh, they have free WiFi.  Well… Let’s just hop on that and use their bandwidth instead of my Verizon Miserly Minutes.  Because Verizon doesn’t do an Unlimited Data plan, I try to use WiFi whenever possible.

Check my emails.  Check my messages… Hmmm… What about any new comments on MadOgre.com?


Burger King Blocks The Ogre.   Oh really?  So I check a few other Pro-Gun sites… and they are blocked too.  Uh huh.   Now, wait a second… If they are blocking me, undoubtedly for the children… they must be blocking – Nope… You can still pull up Miley Cyrus twerking that skinny little ass.   So Burger King thinks it’s okay for Hanna Montana to shake that flat little money maker, but I can’t check out a Pro-Second Amendment discussion site.

Really, King of Burgers?   That hurts me, King B.  That cut me.

At this point I walked out.   I don’t see myself spending any more of my money there.   Check our your local BK establishments.  See if they have free WiFi and if they are filtering guns too.  Maybe it’s just this Franchise.  Maybe it’s a Corporate thing.  I’d rather see this be a Corporate thing.  Because this Franchise was just outside of the main gates of a Marine Base.  And they are banning gun related content on their WiFi.  That’s just asinine considering all the Marines and Relatives that stop and eat there.  Just sad.   I was quite disappointed.


7 thoughts on “Long live the King?”

  1. I’m quite shocked to discover this, BK is one of the very few fast food places I enjoy. Myself, I don’t have any of those whiz-bang phones, and for personal “paranoid” reasons. The little woman has one and when we get time I’ll check this out at different places and post the results from the KC/Topeka Ks. area. Not sure if this would be something to raise cain about from your perspective, but I certainly would. Strangely enough when I’m killing time (pardon the pun) and do a search of weapons related content from my work computers, your site is blocked, but, it will allow weapons content from sites such as Cabelas, Basspro, Armalite, Sportsman Surplus. In addition, as you mentioned, my work computers will allow videos of twerping, twerking Disney whores….

  2. If one of the Gun Free Zone shooters EVER used a BK to look up anything, they will be sued by a battalion of shyster vermin. DO NOT GET INVOLVED! is the business PRIME DIRECTIVE! Welcome to the Shyster’s land of opportunity. Hey, they created it for their profit and their self-given right to be billionaires by age 40.
    That being said, local WiFi is a menace to your system easily hacked and intrusive.

    Who is a professional paranoid, don’t try this at home kids.

  3. It would be interesting to know if it is corporate, since BK has stores in every freaking PX/BX food court in the military, not excluding overseas, and even including Camp Beuhring, Kuwait. I don’t eat there often, because I don’t eat fast food often, but when I do eat fast food, I like a good Whopper. I hope it’s just that one store.

  4. Arizona government doesn’t block you, they do block Miley. Amazing, .gov that got something (albeit small) right?

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